2022 IAC Entry - Amadeus and Crown Hotels

Effective reopening campaign execution following COVID lockdown.

Campaign Entry

Amadeus and Crown Hotels

"Welcome Back Melbourne"

Name of Entry
Amadeus and Crown Hotels

Name of product or service
“Welcome Back Melbourne” Campaign


Integrated Ad Campaign

Industry Category
Hotel and Lodging

Campaign Element – Email

Crown Hotels operates some of Australia’s most premier properties in the cities of Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. In October 2021, after being locked down in the Melbourne area due to COVID for six months, Crown wanted to announce their grand reopening with a sale offering value-based stays. The goal of the sale was to create greater brand loyalty, drive consumer confidence in making bookings, encourage member’s program sign-ups, and boost bookings and associated revenue.

Crown Hotels partnered with Amadeus to develop a multi-faceted campaign entitled “Welcome Back Melbourne” to support the reopening of their Melbourne properties after the lockdown. They utilized Amadeus Media Solutions and the Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite, which delivers integrated eCommerce capabilities leveraging the Amadeus iHotelier booking engine, Guest Management Solutions (GMS), and Web Solutions, to help design, build, and launch the new campaign, reinvigorate property bookings, and support their overall recovery from the lockdown.

The Welcome back Melbourne campaign offered “Crown Direct” (Crown Hotels’ member’s program) participants a 20% value enhancement incentive and a free bottle of champagne for any new booking. The Crown Direct program was created using Amadeus’ Guest Portal which allows hoteliers who have Amadeus iHotelier and Amadeus Guest Management Solutions (GMS) CRM to create member programs that allow customers to sign up and receive exclusive offers. Amadeus GMS and Media Solutions allowed the hotel to launch the new campaign specifically targeting Crown Direct loyalty program members via email marketing and social media prospecting and remarketing ads, while also targeting the broader target market of potential guests (non-members) through social, search, and display advertisements.

The campaign consisted of 6 different email messages to Crown Direct members, combined with digital media tactics spanning social media prospecting and remarketing ads, search display ads, and various web banner ads on relevant high-traffic sites. While the same offer was delivered to both Crown Direct members and the broader target market of guests, members were driven directly to the enticing special offer to create a booking while non-members were pointed first towards Crown Direct sign-up assets as an intermediate step. Crown also used Geo-targeting filters available in Amadeus GMS, to deliver slightly different messages to guests in Melbourne and Sydney, and to omit any guests that already had an upcoming booking within 30 days of the campaign.

Crown Hotels saw a significant impact from the “Welcome Back Melbourne” campaign and extended the preliminary one-week sale by three weeks due to the campaign’s popularity and impact.

Campaign Impact after 4 Weeks

Emails Sent: 200,614

Member open Rate: 43%

Non-member open rate: 28%

Email Open Rate: 37.6%

Email Click Rate: 5.6%

Bookings: 3,956

Room Nights Booked: 6,527

Revenue: $2.2 million AUD

Average Daily Rate (ADR): $340 AUD

New Members Sign Ups: 8,672 (more than 2X the avg. Monthly sign ups)