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To demonstrate the value and impact of our travel agency intelligence tools, we're pleased to provide several types of offers and discounts to kickstart 2024.


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Everything you need to:

Gain a complete market view from multiple data sources
Understand coming trends through forward-looking data
Assess and target corporate booking revenues with confidence


Agency-driven bookings are a vital channel for hoteliers

Travel agencies use Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) as their preferred booking channel, with agents reporting that their GDS usage has increased following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Meet the industry’s most comprehensive source of forward-looking on-the-books travel agency booking data

Gain complete market perspective

Gain exclusive insights into market share, revenue, and room nights across the competitive set using data gathered from all three GDS channels combined with Demand360 data, and Alternative Accommodation providers, visualized using Amadeus Intelligent Markets.

Maximize revenue opportunities

Leverage a unified market view and forward-looking trend and price pattern analysis to understand which price points have the best volume.

Obtain a clear view on agency and corporate interest

Gain insight into which agencies and corporations are booking your property and track agency and corporate performance to identify the most valuable business opportunities.

Access to the most up-to-date hospitality data available

Our occupancy and rate data is refreshed daily not weekly and we are the only provider to offer agency data sets updated 3 times per week and include future & past bookings by IATA & Pseudo City Code (PCC).

Make the most informed strategic decisions

Utilize multiple segmentation capabilities by agency, consortia, competitive sets, and more that are powered by forward-looking, accurate, international data.

Increase efficiency with intuitive dashboards

Drive bookings, shift share, and improve agency relationships with intuitive dashboards that bring data-driven insights from all travel agency booking channels, including demand and vacation rental data.

Revenues increased

Posadas Generating demand with forward-looking data


Bonus - Download The Hotelier’s Quick Guide to Buying Business Intelligence

In this guide, we cover :

  • key questions to ask before investing in BI solutions
  • how BI can predict the rise of “on-demand” travelers
  • the game-changing use of high-quality data
  • how to anticipate future market fluctuations


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