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A PMS for independents with multiple properties.

As an independent brand with multiple properties, it can be difficult to fill your rooms at the rates that deliver the most profit. Amadeus IDPMS lets you share information across your hotels, provides integrated channel management and helps streamline the sales process.

Amadeus Property Management - IDPMS

Amadeus Property Management – IDPMS* is an on-premises or hosted PMS that provides integrated channel and rate management; extensive reporting; and support for single locations or multiple properties. Hotels can leverage consistent information across properties and execute a distribution strategy for all hotels in the group.

  • Rate and availability management available for all channels, including branded websites
  • A shared database makes changes in one location instantly available to other properties
  • Easy-to-use interface lowers training costs for new properties and ensures that new staff is quickly up to speed
  • Integrated sales management establishes sales processes and monitors success based on performance
  • Flexible finance/revenue attribution modules support complex ownership models

*Amadeus Property Management – IDPMS was formerly known as Itesso Hotel Concepts IDPMS

Amadeus IDPMS Clients

System Requirements

Amadeus Property Management - IDPMS
(formally Itesso IDPMS)