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Tech-savvy meeting planners are 57% into the buying process and have reviewed more than 10 pieces of information before they reach out to sales staff for the first time. Website Edition allows venues to provide planners with an online solution, accessible from their website, that presents information they need, in a way they can use to conduct an online evaluation.

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Meeting planners are doing more research on their own to determine if venues and their function space are feasible for their planned events before reaching out to sales staff to start the sales process. Because of this, the shopping dynamic for the planner and the sales dynamic for the venue has changed.



"The global industry standard for managing and executing group events"

Adam Vonthethoff
General Manager – Food & Beverage
Adelaide Oval

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Your Website is the New Hotel Lobby

Jacki Schroder

The hotel lobby is the first impression a property makes on its guests. Whether it’s small or large, rustic or modern, its appearance immediately conveys the type of experience a traveler can expect during their stay. Lobbies can inspire repeat business, or drive guests away with one glance. We’ve all heard the saying, “you never…

The Number of Meetings Individual Planners Manage is Increasing

Eric Oppegaard

Meeting Planners are Handling More Seven years ago, most planners (34%) said they manage 5 to 10 events a year. Now, most say either 5 to 10 (28%) or 11 to 25 (29%) – which suggests that since the downturn, they’re juggling more events at a time. These Event Planners said that technology is one…

Three Important Budget Planning Considerations

Anna Ransom

You’ve started thinking about 2018 budgets.  Are you trying to identify the most effective ways to have an impact on the growth of your business? With so many options available to you, how can you focus on the best areas? Consider three main goals to help you organize your thoughts.  Are you looking to… …Increase…