Detailed room plans. Successful execution. Happy planners. Repeat business.

Our Venue Edition is designed to streamline operational execution. Using a visual, interactive and collaborative event diagramming tool, venues and planners establish clear understanding of event requirements, enabling the best event execution. As a cloud-enabled program, you can use Venue Edition on mobile, desktop or tablet devices from anywhere with internet access.

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Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming - Venue Edition

Venue Edition will help you better capture and communicate customer expectations and equip you with the tools you need to deliver a personalized experience, including:

  • Space Visualization The exact specifications of your venue can be implemented from architectural CAD files and drawings of your space. If these aren’t available, we can visit your property to guarantee the accuracy or you can use the provided templates.
  • Highly detailed, accurate room plans Add tables and chairs, color coordinate items, label areas and use gridlines to provide comprehensive detail. Your resource inventory is added to represent your meeting capabilities.
  • Virtual, 3D walkthroughs Your mockups can be transformed into 3D walkthroughs so that you and the event planner can have a 360-degree view of the function space.
  • Intuitive interface – Our hospitality software tools are industry specific and simple for anyone to use. CAD experience isn’t necessary, as there is an easy learning curve and an initial tutorial to help you get comfortable with the program.
  • Sharing and collaboration capabilities – When you’re ready for feedback, approval or a review, your diagrams can be saved to a booking, exported as PDFs for easy sharing or printed out to share with the planner and internal teams.
  • Integration capabilities – Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming can also be used with our RFP and Sales and Catering solutions.
  • Import capabilities Import diagrams from Website Edition or MeetingMatrix .


With Venue Edition, you’re able to streamline your existing processes while introducing new capabilities that will help you deliver on the meeting experience and assist you in generating repeatable opportunities