Detailed room plans. Successful execution. Happy planners. Repeat business.

Creating a detailed, accurate room plan is the key to event execution success and a happy planner … leading to more future business opportunities. Make sure that the first thing the meeting planner sees when stepping into the function space is the room set up to their exact specifications—each and every time.

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Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming - Venue Edition

A cloud-based, mobile-ready room diagramming solution, Venue Edition leverages a highly visual and intuitive interface that makes it fast and easy to organize and create room plans. It streamlines existing processes and introduces new capabilities that help venues win additional business while executing more successful events.

  • Create and organize highly accurate and detailed room plans by booking to manage and execute events
  • Automatically create room plans by just selecting the room, setup style, and common objects
  • Finalize room plans by adding details to diagrams or enable plans to be created from a fully customizable, blank slate
  • 3D capability enables a “virtual walkthrough” of the completed room plan
  • Easy sharing of room plans with others for review, feedback and/or approval
  • Diagrams created in the Website Edition or MeetingMatrix 2010 can be imported for use in the Venue Edition
  • Integration to Sales & Catering solutions such as hotel SalesPro and Delphi.fdc