Personalize Your Group Experience

Improve communication between sales, catering, and operations teams to deliver a memorable experience, far beyond function space set up, for both your planners and their group members. Interested? Fill out the form on this page and one of our sales representatives will schedule a time to speak with you.

Personalize by Creating Connections

Personalize by Creating Connections between Teams, Planners, and Individuals

Enable sales and catering teams to communicate group expectations early and often with operations teams. In doing so, you’ll reduce friction when issues arise, provide more time to plan for both the expected and the inevitable, and enable better communication with your planner and group guests.

Collaborate from Booking to Departure

Collaborate from Booking to Departure

By having the right information from your planner early on, your teams can collaborate to accommodate all kinds of group experiences. Once a group is on site, you can facilitate communication between attendees, the planner, and your staff to ensure day-of group requests are addressed with minimal response time. And finally, you can plan early for the inevitable last-minute changes.

Meet Amadeus Service Optimization

By using Amadeus Service Optimization for your group business, you can automate operations to provide a centralized hub for group and individual guest requests, optimize your cleaning process, and provide personalized recommendations and services to group members.