Amadeus Business Intelligence
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Incorporate on-the-books, forward-looking demand and market data insights in your hotel’s revenue management strategy

In challenging times for the hotel industry, having access to quality, forward-looking data is paramount. Amadeus has partnered with Hilton to provide hotels with their comprehensive Business Intelligence products, Demand360+®, RevenueStrategy360(formerly Rate360), and Agency360+®, allowing hoteliers to incorporate the forward-looking data in their revenue management strategies.

View the replay of our webinar “Agency360+ for beginners” and learn:

  • Prospecting: How to identify corporate accounts with most opportunity.
  • New business: How to identify new business booking into your comp set and market.

A word from Jonathon Wardman, Vice President, Commercial Capabilities, Hilton

“As we continue to partner with our hotels in their business recovery, we remain committed to providing hoteliers with the tools and technologies necessary to help them improve performance and stay competitive. Having access to business intelligence solutions and strategically leveraging GDS Advertising from Amadeus will play a key role in finding continued success with our individual properties – from viewing forward-looking booking data to competitive set pricing and increasing GDS share.”

Benefits of Business Intelligence

  • Develop a forward-looking, data-driven revenue strategy
  • Design profitable pricing strategies from sanctioned rate shopping data
  • Easily analyze pick-up and demand for under-performing segments
  • Know your market in detail by viewing multiple competitive sets
  • Compare forward-looking pricing against competitive sets
  • Monitor rates, demand, and penetration of your competition
  • Easily improve travel agency relationships

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What our Business Intelligence data IS

– 44k data providers with 12 months of forward-looking on-the-books occupancy and future rate shopping data

– 24 months of historical occupancy metrics and historical rate shops

– Over 10 billion rates collected monthly from OTAs, Metasearch, GDS,, and more

– Occupancy Year over Year and Week over Week pacing

– On-the-books reservation data extracted directly from hotels and brand partners

– Updated daily and reflective of real property and market occupancy

– Sanctioned, direct connections that deliver accurate rates customers can trust

What our Business Intelligence data ISN’T

– Occupancy estimations

– Occupancy forecast based on selling rates

– Reliant on screen scraping and other inconsistent data gathering tactics

– Susceptible to inaccuracy’s due to market fluctuations and unexpected selling rate changes & closures

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