Revenue Management Tools

During rate strategy calls, you can see what a powerful tool the Rate360® or Price Position report can be. Of course, knowing what your competitors are selling is not only important when you set your rates but also when you manage your availability once your hotel is bookable. TravelClick and Amadeus offer different products that allow you to review and evaluate the pricing strategy for your competitors for future occupancy dates by segment and channel.
Business Intelligence Solutions

Price Position or Rate360

Optimize your COMPETITIVE RATE position across multiple sources Review rates posted on OTAs, the GDS’s and hotel’s on a single screen for both you and your competitors



See your FUTURE OCCUPANCY for all segments and channels Get a comprehensive picture of future demand for both you and your competitive set to drive robust revenue management, distribution and marketing strategies



Increase bookings shift share and improve performance of your AGENCY CHANNEL Access to proprietary travel agent data and bookings. Compare consortia, corporate and non-negotiated rate performance


Property Details

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When signing up for Price Position / Rate360 reports you need to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Hotels with IDeaS or GRO RMS must sign up for 35.000 shops per month
  • Hotels that continue to load their availability controls manually can sign up for 15.000 or 35.000 shops