Amadeus acquires Hotel SystemsPro

Eric Oppegaard


Today we announced we will expand our sales and catering offering to the hotel industry with the acquisition of Hotel SystemsPro by Newmarket, an Amadeus company.

hotel SystemsPro

Hotel SystemsPro delivers high-performance, ASP-based enterprise and property solutions to more than 4,500 hotels in North America and beyond, with a specific focus on mid-tier properties.

The acquisition will see Hotel SystemsPro formally integrated into Newmarket. This will complement our existing market reach and will expand our overall product offering whilst generating new business opportunities across the Hotel SystemsPro customer base. The deal also forms an important component of our broader strategic end-to-end IT vision for hotels.

With a market of close to $5 billion across the larger hospitality sector, and with between 10% and 50% of hotel revenues typically coming from group and events business, the combined hotel sales and catering space offers immense potential to drive increased value to our customers.

To read more about the acquisition please check out the announcement here.

Drivers of Change in Hospitality

Drivers of Change in Hospitality

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