CRS Panel: What Does the Future Hold?

Mark Bedard

At this year’s Amadeus Hospitality Customer Conference in Miami, we were fortunate to host a recorded panel discussion on the future of Central Reservations Systems with a group of industry experts that was captured on audio as well by Glenn Haussman for his No Vacancy podcast.

CRS executives from Amadeus and TravelClick brought unique perspectives regarding the direction of both independent and enterprise CRS solutions, while consultant and industry veteran Ted Horner offered his take on the current and future states of the technology. Fellow industry veteran and consultant John Burns acted as the discussion moderator, posing poignant and compelling questions to the panel, and providing his own views on several key areas.

In this standing room only event, the strengths and weaknesses of existing CRS solutions were explored as well as the future of the technology in furthering personalization, loyalty, guest experience and more.

See below for the podcast link and the videos (which are segmented into topics for easier viewing):

Listen to the Podcast


Introductions/Is CRS Still Relevant?




The CRS of the Future


Audience Q&A