HITEC Day 1 Recap

Eric Oppegaard

The Exposition Floor was off to an awesome start at HITEC 2015 this year.

Mobile App?  Or Mobile Optimized?

Lots of buzz on the show floor and flurry of press releases surrounding great products that either now have a mobile app, or are optimized for a mobile experience.  But what’s the difference between the two?  Isn’t having an app the way to go?

Being fixed on one platform (such as iOS or Android) means that you may be limited in the types of devices you can use.  On the one hand, the software will be specifically tailored for that type of hardware and device.  This would be a Mobile App type of development.

Mobile Optimized usually means the application/experience is suited for either a desktop, tablet, or even phone sized screen.  These are most always a “cloud” based application, where users have access to their information anywhere they have a web browser, and can perform most any task they would be able to in a more “traditional” desktop environment.

Take the next generation of iPlan being previewed at HITEC 2015.  We decided to go the mobile optimized route, to ensure that a user could use any device they wanted, such as an iPad or Android tablet.  This also means that as features and functionality are added to iPlan, it is also available to users anywhere they have an internet connection on their mobile device.

Diagramming Software

Wait, Delphi.fdc gives you Salesforce CRM too?

While Delphi.fdc Sales and Catering, built on the Salesforce Force.com platform is not a new product, there still are lots of properties that are excited when they hear you get the leading cloud based CRM functionality with Delphi.fdc

Connected Icon“It’s the best of both worlds!” Remarked one attendee I was talking to today.  They have 6,000 sq feet of function space, and need to be able to manage their Sales and Catering system while on the go from anywhere they may be.  Also with a limited IT budget, they didn’t want to look into a traditional server/license environment, and have been investigating cloud based solutions for the past few months.

Delphi.fdc being built on the Force.com platform means that you get all of the tools and CRM functionality of Salesforce, along with the Industry Leading Expertise and functionality you would expect from Delphi.

Hey Bill, Don’t Rain on our Parade!

There has been a bit of liquid sunshine today, making transiting to and from the convention center a bit interesting at times!  This afternoon, all eyes were fixed on any display provider that could get the Weather Channel (a plus for booth traffic!).  Tropical Storm Bill is headed into Texas, and is predicted to bring heavy rainfall over Austin over the next day.  Make sure to bring your umbrella!

 What the heck is a Traveler Tribe?

Lots of folks approched us at the booth asking where they could get one of their own “badge bling” ribbons they have been seeing other attendees wearing at HITEC so far.  It is really simple!  Simply take the quick quiz to find out what your own tribe is, and then get your ribbon (or two or three) to show off to others, and network with those that share the same travel interests and values that you do.  It definitely has been a great conversation starter!

Travel Tribe Ribbons