HITEC Day 2 Recap

Eric Oppegaard

Wrapping up Day 2 here in not so windblown Austin at HITEC 2015!  Things may have been a bit touch and go with Tropical Storm Bill, however that didn’t keep attendees from heading out to attend sessions and see the latest and greatest on the exposition floor.

Where’s the party?

Alright, likely the top question of the day for the now infamous HITEC After Party, hosted by Newmarket.  All HITEC attendees are invited to the celebration event this evening, located inside The Tap Room at The Market on the corner of Colorado and 4th.

Do I need an invite?  Newmarket wants to ensure everyone at HITEC is appreciated, and is able to share in the festivities.  Make sure to bring your HITEC Badge, which is your ticket to the party.  Keep in mind though, space is limited so make sure to arrive close to 9:00pm when the doors open to ensure your space!

Make sure to take a few snapshots and share them to your non-attending jealous friends to share the experience!

Robots Deliver with HotSOS?

It’s true!  Savioke, manufacturer of the Relay delivery robot and Newmarket have announced a partnership. By using HotSOS, staff sends guest requests to Relay in order to deliver items directly to the room without tying up a staff member.



PremiumView is Truly Premium

Attendees learning about PremiumView, and more specifically the PowerSearch features within it see that it is much much more than just a readerboard service.  PremiumView has grown over 92% since its inception, reading more markets and providing researched, matched, data giving properties much more than simply a readerboard dump of information.

Users can now use PowerSearch and filter based on STR criteria, allowing properties to target their prospecting even further.

Thanks Bill!

So Tropical Storm Bill mostly stayed away from Austin today, only a light sprinkle now and then.