Why Open APIs are Changing Hospitality Technology as We Know It

Alison Guillot

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You may not realize it, but you use APIs (Application Program Interfaces) every day. Think about the last time you ordered something through your voice-powered assistant. Or you saw hotel rates and availabilities change on a metasearch site while planning your next trip. Those dynamic, real-time events are because of APIs. They are the glue connecting technology behind the scenes so data can be exchanged freely. Because of APIs, we can complete tasks quicker and easier. They’ve not only transformed the way we operate, but the way companies operate worldwide.

In the hospitality industry, its critical hoteliers understand how and why APIs benefit their business. Many technology providers have public or “open” APIs that allow products to work together as part of an interconnected ecosystem. This enables properties to move away from fragmented data to a more actionable and pragmatic business model. By quickening the pace of communication and providing better guest and staff insight, APIs truly allow hoteliers to work smarter while strengthening RevPAR. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of integrated hotel technology and how APIs are helping Amadeus deliver better travel experiences.

APIs Close Communication and Operational Gaps

Fragmented technology can be frustrating, but with APIs, hoteliers can enhance communication between people and systems as well as gain the ability to centralize important data. As information is sent between systems, the behavior of that exchange is also captured and stored for analysis. Whether it’s an engineer getting a maintenance alert on a mobile device, or a director of sales referencing a guest profile for personalized service, hoteliers don’t have to hunt for answers or waste time when using APIs.

APIs also tie operational data sets together. By collecting guest requests over time and logging work orders, hoteliers are better able to analyze their operations. The visibility provided by APIs in this way helps properties more readily identify opportunities to make building improvements and optimize staff and skill sets.

APIs Accelerate Technology Implementations While Minimizing Costs

Hoteliers need to be able to remove barriers around their data caused by outdated technology in order to properly interact and establish relationships with hotel guests. The most seasoned technology providers develop their solutions to answer the needs of modern hoteliers and ensure they can be hosted on different technology platforms.

This essential layer of architecture helps speed up the implementation timeline for customers. By allowing seamless communication between hospitality systems and third parties, tech providers are able to offer universal APIs that conform to widely used industry standards. This simplifies the set up and accelerates adoptions for new partners while minimizing costs.

APIs Position Your Business for Future Growth

Not exploring the benefits of what integrations can bring to your hospitality business would be a huge mistake. We understand choosing and implementing new technology can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. At Amadeus, we build with an open API framework to ensure users always have access to new and exciting technology that can benefit their revenue and operations strategies. Customers then have the peace of mind knowing they can expand their current technology capabilities without replacing their core solution. Hoteliers should never rely on a single system to do it all in today’s competitive market.

At Amadeus, our large partner audience is a testimony to our maturity, capability, and flexibility with integrations. Additionally, we continue to heavily invest in this area to ensure that become the true hospitality platform for all of our customers. We strive to provide the largest pool and most diverse integrations while listening closely to our customers to answer their future needs.

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