The Value of Preferential Placement

Eric Oppegaard

The final installment in our “Why Does Placement Matter?” series examines the overall impact of preferential placement of a property in an availability list or booking window. Click for previous posts:

At the start of our journey

WorkingOur journey down the path of examining the value of participation in multi-property availability and hotel listing displays began with a simple question:

Does preferential placement in these listings yield better results?

A quick online search demonstrates the general statistics available to validate the power of placement in search rankings. But, we wanted to take this a step further. We enlisted the help of an external consultant to examine a sampling of data for customers enrolled in the Amadeus Instant Preference (AIP) solution.

Along the way we identified:

A look at the value of preferential placement

There were many key factors to take into account when relating the value gained by hotels when enrolling in AIP. For the purposes of this series, we’ve narrowed it down to the following overall results for the analyzed group:

Next Steps

As discussed in Part 3 of our series, you must first start with an understanding of your business. Then consider how you can capitalize on your competitive advantages. Identify new ways to optimize your channel mix and increase visibility to existing and prospective customers. Consider how you can increase your opportunity for revenue growth with Amadeus Instant Preference!

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