Insurance-Related Third Parties Terms & Conditions


Third Party Insurance Terms and Conditions

Effective as of: November 11, 2021

iHotelier® Travel Protection enables hotels to offer third party insurance services to guests at the time of
confirming a booking in iHotelier® (“Insurance Services”). To facilitate your ability to utilize the
Insurance Services, Amadeus integrates with third party insurance service providers. For avoidance of
doubt, Amadeus is not an insurance provider and the terms governing the provision and use of the
Insurance Services are solely between you and the Insurance Provider.

Insurance Provider” means any service provider that is has a certified integration to iHotelier® for
Insurance Services. As of November 11, 2021, the only Insurance Provider is Setoo.

Customer understands and agrees to the following:

  1. Customer understands and agrees that it must enter into a separate, binding agreement with the
    applicable Insurance Provider (“Provider Agreement”), is obligated to abide by the terms and
    conditions of such Insurance Provider and complete the relevant onboarding via the following
  2. Implementation of the Insurance Services for Customer will not be completed until Customer
    completes the steps outlined in the URL and Insurance Provider confirms the onboarding is
    complete. Customer agrees that it will certify that it has completed all required steps prior to its
    initial use of the Insurance Services.
  3. As between Customer and Amadeus, Insurance Services will be provided AS-IS and as available
    through existing integrations established between Amadeus and the Insurance Provider.
  4. Customer understands that Amadeus is not responsible or liable for any implementation delays
    or other Insurance Services performance issues.
  5. Customer agrees to handle all communication and troubleshooting directly with Insurance
    Provider for due diligence, implementation, onboarding and ongoing support.
  6. Customer hereby agrees that Amadeusis not liable in any way to Customer arising from or related
    to (directly or indirectly) the Insurance Services or the Insurance Provider, including any act or
    omission by Insurance Provider, its violation of applicable law or regulation, data or security
    incidents, and any violation of PCI DSS or other applicable industry standard.
  7. The fees for the Insurance Services (to be paid by the hotel guest online via the Insurance
    Provider’s payment processing application) will be collected by the Insurance Provider directly.
  8. Amadeus is not responsible for paying any commission to Customer for the Insurance Services.
  9. Customer agrees that it must execute an order form with Amadeus and pay the applicable fees
    for the set-up and maintenance of the integration between iHotelier® and the Insurance Services.
  10. Customer understands and agrees that the Insurance Services only includes the ability to add
    insurance at the time of a booking in iHotelier® All services and support related to the Insurance
    Services, including the modification or cancellation of Insurance Services, must be done directly
    between the guest and the Insurance Provider directly. Furthermore, iHotelier® will not reflect
    any modification or cancellation made with the Insurance Provider offline.