Daylight Sunsetting Technical Reference

This documentation serves an in-depth reference to why Daylight is being sunset by Amadeus.

Microsoft Support

Microsoft no longer supports Windows Server 2003 & SQL Server 2005, which is the underlying platform for Daylight. This means:

  • No security fixes are being made by Microsoft, resulting in higher risk of malware, advanced persistent threats, and security breaches.
  • Limited 3rd party malware protection options are available, resulting in increased risk of infection.
  • No platform support escalation point exists for Amadeus if there is an issue. This results in longer outages, the risk of ongoing degraded performance, and the possibility that an issue cannot be resolved.
  • No further platform updates are being made, which increases the risk of incompatibility between the software and the platform, resulting in the risk of ongoing performance degradation and application failure.

In addition to the lack of Microsoft support, additional concerns may arise, putting Daylight at risk for ongoing degraded performance and potential integration outages including:

  • Potential incompatibilities with integrated 3rd party systems (e.g. PMS, EMS, etc.).

Amadeus Support

Given the lack of underlying platform support, Amadeus has chosen to discontinue engineering and customer support for Daylight. This means:

  • No further solution updates are being made to Daylight’s code base.
  • There are limited internal escalation options for the product, resulting in longer outages and the possibility that an issue cannot be resolved.
  • Operational challenges with legacy hosted products take longer to resolve as the platform ages.