Marriott International Expands Partnership with Amadeus to recommend Demand360®, Agency360+®, and GDS Media Solutions for Marriott Properties Worldwide

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Increase profitability with the world’s most comprehensive on-the-books, forward-looking data

To support strategic decision-making at both the corporate and property level, Marriott has renewed its long-standing relationship with Amadeus to continue using its industry-leading Business Intelligence solutions. The relationship extends Marriott’s recommendation for hotels to use Amadeus Agency360+®GDS Media, and Demand360®.

View the replay of our webinar “Best Practices in Demand360®” and learn:

  • More about Demand360 and how the tool can support revenue growth for your hotel
  • About best practices in building out your 2024 revenue budget
  • About new dashboards and metrics added to Demand360+ this year

As part of the Marriott team, you are eligible for Marriott partner​ pricing discounts on Amadeus solutions.​

Contact us today and learn how Amadeus Business Intelligence can help you:

  • Develop a forward-looking, data driven revenue strategy
  • Design profitable pricing strategies from sanctioned rate shopping data
  • Easily analyze pick-up and demand for under-performing segments
  • Know your market in detail with multiple competitive sets and pricing comparison views
  • Monitor rates, demand, and penetration of your competition
  • Achieve your fair share in the GDS marketplace
  • Easily improve travel agency relationships

Amadeus Market Insights Portal

At Amadeus, we are closely monitoring the global impact of COVID-19 and are committed to helping hoteliers build strong, data-driven revenue strategies. Since historical data is no longer relevant to navigate this unprecedented crisis, you’ll need guidance from the industry’s most comprehensive forward-looking business intelligence suite. On this page, you’ll find 3 reports powered by Amadeus’ Demand360® data offering insight into global market performance and booking trends to help inform your business and pricing decisions to remain competitive.

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Amadeus Business Intelligence Solutions for Marriott Hotels

What our Business Intelligence data IS

  • 30k+ data providers with 12 months of forward-looking on-the-books occupancy and future rate shopping data
  • 24 months of historical occupancy metrics and historical rate shops
  • Over 10 billion rates collected monthly from OTAs, Metasearch, GDS,, and more
  • Occupancy Year over Year and Week over Week pacing
  • On-the-books reservation data extracted directly from hotels and brand partners
  • Updated daily and reflective of real property and market occupancy
  • Sanctioned, direct connections that deliver accurate rates customers can trust

What our Business Intelligence data ISN'T

  • Occupancy estimations
  • Occupancy forecast based on selling rates
  • Reliant on screen scraping and other inconsistent data gathering tactics
  • Susceptible to inaccuracy’s due to market fluctuations and unexpected selling rate changes & closures

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Endorsement Letter
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