Rebuild Occupancy with Metasearch and Google Hotel Ads

Understanding and adjusting to travelers’ online journeys is more important than ever before. Capture demand and acquire new customers across the consumer journey to drive bookings with Amadeus Metasearch and Google Hotel Ads.

Drive demand with one of the highest converting Metasearch optimized booking paths in the industry. Amadeus has built a powerhouse demand generation solution outpacing market growth:

  • 13+ preferred partners: Drive Metasearch booking volume & ROI growth
  • Flexible pricing: Risk-free CPA or CPC fee models
  • iHotelier integration: Make advanced merchandising easy
  • A dedicated team of experts: Proactively optimizing campaigns
  • Continual technology investment: Quickly adapting to changing consumer behaviors and new partner features

As an iHotelier customer, you can turn on Metasearch and watch your direct bookings grow. Contact us today to let your Director of Sales or Account Manager know that you would like to turn on Metasearch with us.