2019 Global Travel Agent GDS Report

GDS Report 2019

How can you market your hotel more effectively on the GDS channel? Find out in our GDS Report 2019!

2019 was a record year for hotel reservations booked through global distribution systems, presenting a huge opportunity for hoteliers to boost their revenue through this channel. We teamed up with our GDS partners and Phoenix Marketing International to survey 900 travel agents worldwide to measure and monitor changes in travel agent behavior and awareness of specific GDS media and promotional messages.

Download our GDS Report 2019 to discover:

  • How to capitalize on record-breaking growth in hotel reservations booked through the GDS channel
  • The importance of marketing to a captive and eager audience on a growing channel
  • How optimizing your hotel description details is as important to success on GDS as SEO is to metasearch
  • What types of offers agents are most likely to book
  • New best practices for GDS advertising and promotional messages


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