Hospitality Market Insights Report January 2021 - Amadeus Hospitality

Hospitality Market Insights Report January 2021

Get brand new industry insight to inform your hotel’s revenue strategy. Using Amadeus Demand360® forward-looking occupancy data, this month’s report includes:

  • An overview of global booking trends
  • A look at US states with the highest January occupancies
  • Airline and hotel net reservations in the US
  • Occupancy across the top 10 international markets (Dubai, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Shanghai, Singapore etc)
  • Occupancy in all 50 U.S. states by segment (group, negotiated, retail, wholesale etc)
  • Occupancy by key U.S. markets and segments (Atlanta, Indianapolis, Nashville, Miami, Washington DC, etc)
  • Booking lead times, channels, pace, and segment mix (Direct,, OTA, GDS etc)