Find out what markets are reaching their pre-pandemic travel levels

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With COVID-19 travel guidelines easing in many regions, travel activity in many markets
is on the rebound.

We used Amadeus’ air search, agency air booking data and hotel market insight from Demand360® to present you with the latest travel trends and find out what markets are reaching their pre-pandemic travel levels.

In this edition, we focus on traveler search and booking activity during August 2021 in Europe, Middle East and the United States, and take a closer look at top destinations considered or booked by them.


Download our reports to learn:

  • Which markets have reached or surpassed pre-pandemic levels
  • Which destinations are worth monitoring closely and why
  • What actionable steps travel industry stakeholders can take to drive more demand


With this information, destination marketing organizations and hoteliers alike can understand recovery and demand potential for their destinations.

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