Understand your competitive rate position

MarketVision® Price Position

Analyze your competitive rate position with Amadeus’ MarketVision® Price Position, a reporting solution that allows you to review rates posted on OTAs, GDSs and car rental sites for both you and your competitors – all on a single screen.


Main Features

Comprehensive rate data

Covering airport, local market and one-way business

CRS integration

Integrated with various CRS platforms

Customized analysis

Simple and intuitive


Intuitive and informative reports available in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, online and email

365-day rates

Future, current and past rates

How this benefits your organization

  • A single user interface provides comprehensive insights that drive smarter business decisions at one or many locations
  • Scheduled and real-time rate sourcing
  • Quickly assess your rate strategy including parity, availability and lowest rate comparisons
  • Powerful autonomy to determine shopping criteria at the click of a button
  • Unparalleled data that empowers you to improve your rate management and e-business strategies, helping you to maximize revenue

We gather over 250 million rates per month for the largest rental car companies, brand licensees, and small rental car operators.