Amadeus Sales and Event Management Software


Select Service Market Insight Webinar

Bonus Demo of the Standard Module

We understand the challenges your hotel faces between managing events and trying to grow group business. We want to help, so that’s why we are sharing some helpful tips, exclusive industry insights, and providing you with a product overview of Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard to enable you to operate more efficiently.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Evolving Hospitality Landscape
  • Changing Needs of Hotels
  • Standard Module Solution Overview

Built For Your Needs

In our webinar you’ll gain valuable insight into the evolving hospitality landscape and changing needs of hotels in the select service market. We’ve analyzed our own data and market data to review the top priorities for hoteliers, changing guest expectations, and what planners anticipate for the industry.

Based on our data, we designed a tool that helps streamline daily operations and enables performance tracking for hotels with less than 5,000 square feet of meeting space. The Standard Module is a cloud-native solution that empowers you to efficiently book, manage, execute, and gain insight into group business and events. Our intuitive software allows you to standardize event operations and documentation to create much needed timesavings. Take advantage of storing all your accounts and contacts in a single database with a streamlined process for creating inquiries, bookings, and BEOs.

Enhance Group & Event Business

Create standard processes for delivery of group business and events.

Grow group business and improve profitability.
Manage events with ease.
Streamline processes for inquiries, bookings, BEOs, and banquet checks.

Increase Efficiency

Ensure efficient guest room and function space usage.

Gain better insight into your business performance.
Manage customer relationships.
Quickly train and onboard hotel staff.