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Introducing RevenueStrategy360

Hoteliers need access to a complete view of market data and decision-making resources in one place in order to execute successful revenue management strategies. With RevenueStrategy360 hoteliers can improve pricing decisions with the only forward-looking market data in the industry that displays on the books business alongside rate pricing.

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  • View your property’s on-the-books occupancy vs. your market’s on-the-books occupancy.
  • Trust in your data with 95% sanctioned rate shopping in partnership with the data source.
  • Confidently assess the impact of the ever-changing booking window with fresh and accurate on-the-books data that is updated daily.
  • Unlimited on-demand rate shopping with a refresh schedule to meet your needs.
  • View rate data with value-add inclusions from over 600 sources worldwide.
  • Including metasearch, OTAs, and more See when you are out of parity with the market in advance, alongside estimated losses.

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