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A fresh perspective on the trends, issues, and technology shaping the future of hospitality. We bring you conversations with hospitality executives, hoteliers, travel agents (and everyone in between!) to unpack the forces behind the changing traveler’s journey. From business and leisure travel trends to hotel management strategies, we blend industry data with expert perspectives to guide the hospitality industry in this ever-evolving time.

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April 6 2021

Understanding Clear Historical Context and Shifting Booking Trends to Build Your Plan

In this episode, Amadeus Vice President of Data Partnerships Katie Moro and Senior Industry Analyst John Hach discuss two uncertainties around the industry’s recovery. First, we discuss the challenges with using 2020 data as a comparison to 2021 performance. Then we dive into the current booking trends and what we are currently seeing as we move through spring and summer.

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[PODCAST] Hotel Booking Trends for Spring 2021 with Katie Moro and John Hach

Erin Elkind

In this episode, Amadeus Vice President of Data Partnerships Katie Moro and Senior Industry Analyst John Hach share the top travel trends emerging as Spring arrives and how they will impact hoteliers’ recovery strategies. These industry trends based on market data include: The growing leisure segment and their behaviors from looking to booking Appealing to…

[PODCAST] 2021 Meeting Planner Trends and How to Shift Share with Kristi White

Erin Elkind

In this episode, we learn from Kristi White, Vice President of Product at Knowland, about their insightful meeting planner survey during recovery and best practices to shift share. We discuss the various trends as we move through 2021 about how small events and group business are out there to be had. We also outline best…

[PODCAST] A Hospitality Marketing Masterclass with Rand Fishkin

Erin Elkind

This episode of Unpacking Travel features Rand Fishkin, founder and CEO of SparkToro, a market research and audience intelligence tool. We discuss the guest journey from search to post-stay, and how hoteliers can maximize both their marketing efforts and their budgets. For more information, visit www.amadeus-hospitality.com/podcast. If you are interested in learning more about how…