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Amadeus Service Optimization

From ensuring basic customer needs are met, to executing highly personalized and anticipatory service, Amadeus Service Optimization solutions prioritize behind-the-scenes work to inspire exceptional stays. Globally supporting hotel properties spanning across 175 countries, industry leaders trust Amadeus Service Optimization solutions to make a world of difference in automating hotel operations, reducing labor costs, improving service speed and engaging teams.

Improving Staff-Facing Technology Ranks in the Top 5 Priorities for 2020.*

Human connection and collaboration are the very core of hospitality. And paired with technological innovation, hoteliers now have the power to unlock elevated service levels needed to meet modern hotel guest expectations. Amadeus Service Optimization offers a portfolio of innovative cloud-based hospitality solutions built to work across departments—from housekeeping and engineering to front of house and maintenance staff.

* Up from 10th in 2019, Hospitality Technology’s 2020 Lodging Technology Study

With our range of Service Optimization solutions, there's something for everyone:

HotSOS Select
HotSOS Housekeeping

HotSOS Select – designed specifically for select service properties – can help to maximize your team’s capabilities while they ensure new standards are met.

Whether it’s wiping down frequently used areas like elevator buttons, delivering guest requests like soap or chargers, or ensuring air-conditioning and other equipment is being properly maintained, HotSOS Select can assist in making sure all your necessary tasks are completed.

In addition to managing the workflow, HotSOS Select enables you to inspect items, take pictures, receive escalations, and provide detailed reporting to optimize operations, reduce cost, and mitigate risk. All this without needing to print a worksheet that’s immediately outdated.

While your property may have a small staff and a smaller budget, it doesn’t mean you’re limited in your capabilities to deliver exceptional stays.

Delivering thoughtful and personalized service is no easy task without the right technology. The HotSOS Standard module centralizes hotel guest information to keep your staff in the loop about a traveler’s needs and preferences, as well as ensuring operations can run smoothly at the click of a button.

By automating hotel communications, you can unlock staff capabilities to deliver guest service faster, complete more proactive tasks and have open lines of communication throughout. Streamline complex preventative maintenance projects for increased efficiency, while easily collaborating across departments for projects.

In 2019, users sent over 138 million messages via HotSOS to keep communication flowing smoothly.

Hoteliers that invest in HotSOS Housekeeping can sleep well knowing their maintenance and housekeeping tasks are logged and responded to in a timely fashion without sacrificing guest satisfaction.

Daily decision-making, such as room assignment and turnover schedule, is automated by a system that draws on data such as guest preferences, personalized check-in, and check-out times. Possibilities for human error are reduced, and occupancy is maximized. Staff are highly responsive and can access real-time insight to solve tasks, whether they are checking room occupancy, stock levels, or ticket availability for the hit show being performed that evening. Their decisions are empowered through Service Optimization solutions with relevant information quickly and help to eliminate delay.

By leveraging Service Optimization’s automation, hotel leaders last year were able to save €124 million in guest room and housekeeping efficiencies

Bring a Spirit of Connected Culture that will Truly Resonate with Both Teams and Hotel Guests

Fast paced environments and growing changes in consumer demands are driving an increased need for hotel service optimization. One that intelligently communicates between departments, automates operations and removes friction from manual processes. One that utilizes advanced reporting data, aiding in budget planning and accountability across your portfolio. And one that, from allocating rooms to recognizing patterns in guest behavior, can raise service levels to unprecedented heights. That is why thriving hotels around the world are investing in Amadeus Service Optimization to ensure the guest’s journey leaves a vivid imprint long after they’ve gone.

Limited Time Recovery Offer

Amadeus is Pleased to Offer Special Features and Pricing to Support Hospitality Recovery

Hotels face an enormous responsibility and heightened guest expectations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as demand returns, placing increased pressure on hotels despite limited staff and budget. In this new era of hospitality, the Amadeus Service Optimization suite of solutions are now accessible at special limited time pricing to support hospitality recovery*.

HotSOS Select  |  Starting at less than £1 per month

HotSOS  |  Starting at less than £3 per month

HotSOS Housekeeping | Starting at less than £3 per month

*Rates may fluctuate depending on currency conversion value

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_Analyze budgets and planning analytics

_Engage employees

_Streamline hotel operations

_Increase and track productivity

_Automate hotel operations and workflows


_Communicate across departments

_Locate your hotel staff at any time

_Prioritize work

_Dispatch work tasks

_Communicate in real time

_Personalize the guest experience

_Increase positive online reviews

_Create loyal customers

_Deliver an elevated level of service

_Address simple and complex issues

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