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iHotelier® Suite

One Suite, Endless Possibilities:
Tailored for Every Hotel

iHotelier® Suite

Maximise Revenue, Minimise Effort: Transform Your Hotel’s Profitability

iHotelier® Suite

Enhance Guest Experiences: Where Every Stay Becomes Unforgettable

Presenting iHotelier® Suite


Want to drive more direct bookings? Dominate Google’s first page? Perhaps it’s loyalty you’re after. Or gaining the visibility needed to succeed in today’s crowded online marketplace.

Introducing the industry’s newest and most powerful build-your-own set of capabilities. Simply start with iHotelier®, the industry’s leading CRS and booking engine, and build your own suite from there.

Special Limited Time Offer
3 Months Complimentary!


Exclusive to new iHotelier customers only. This offer is applied as a 25% discount on the first year of a 36-month contractual agreement. Terms and conditions apply.

Build your own customisable suite of solutions

Start with iHotelier and select the components that align with your hotel's needs and aspirations.


Leverage built-in SEO capabilities and dedicated services to conform to the best digital practices.


Broaden the reach of your distribution network and maximise direct bookings from metasearch sites.


Boost bookings across all OTA channels from a single screen.


Have professional agents serve as your extension selling your hotel's unique features.


Increase direct bookings with omni-channel advertising strategies.


Build guest loyalty, drive repeat business and edge out your competitors.


Expand your online presence and drive direct bookings with award-winning hotel website solutions.


The industry’s leading CRS and booking engine.


your hotel transformation

Seamlessly integrates every guest interaction, turning each touchpoint into an opportunity for engagement, growth, and unforgettable experiences. With our new flexible and modular solution, embrace the freedom to stand out in today's competitive marketplace.


your competition

Create more personalised experiences that increase revenue, conversion rate and guest satisfaction, while delivering a seamless experience throughout the booking journey. Stay ahead of industry trends with a technology that adapts to both market changes and guest needs.


your revenue

Experience an increase in revenue with our industry-leading solution. Expand your hotel reach and diversify your offerings, while providing personalised experiences for each guest. Achieve all these through a single, efficient system designed to boost hotel profitability.

increase in unique package bookings


Magnolia Hotel Increased Direct Bookings with iHotelier®

“You know you have the right partner when you see revenues increase!”

- Andrea Trigo, Revenue Manager

increase in direct booking conversions

And you? Are you ready to increase your hotel direct bookings and revenue?

Want to learn more about iHotelier Suite and our limited-time offer? Get in touch today!

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