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Sales & Catering Software

Amadeus’ Sales & Catering software helps hospitality teams of all sizes and service levels all over the world to increase group business by efficiently selling, organizing, and managing events.

Discover the industry’s most comprehensive, trusted solutions in the market today.

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Optimize group sales and operations for greater visibility and reporting across your entire portfolio.

There’s a reason why industry leaders worldwide trust the Delphi name. It’s synonymous with sales, catering, and innovation. It empowers teams to grow and manage group business. It supports businesses of all sizes, from small one-day meetings and events to complex multi-day conferences. It consolidates your portfolio into one system, where you can share leads, better manage accounts, and gain holistic insights across your entire portfolio all over the world. No matter how big or small the scale, Amadeus Sales & Catering solutions work as an extension of your hospitality team to increase group business by elevating your selling, organizing, and management processes.

As we evolve, so do you. Discover why the Delphi name resonates so deeply within the industry and how with a long-term commitment to constant innovation, continues to be the most comprehensive solutions in the market today.

Elevate Your Hotel Sales Strategy: 10-Step Guide to Success

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Discover our Sales & Catering Solutions:


Delphi Select

Created for Select service hotel properties with less than 5,000 square feet of meeting space, Delphi Select is designed to affordably meet the standards of today’s hotels. Delphi Select is a cloud-native solution empowering hospitality professionals to optimize guest room and function space usage and profitability. From inquiry to availability and BEO to banquet check, Delphi Select streamlines daily operations and enables you to track performance for properties with standard meeting space in properties around the world.

Management companies and hotel chains can even have a single streamlined view of booking production by sharing accounts and contacts between properties using Delphi and Delphi Select. They can also view and report hotel production across all of their Delphi and Delphi Select properties in a single report.

With a small team and many budget priorities, Delphi Select is designed to:

  • Efficiently book, manage, execute, and provide insight into group business and events.
  • Standardize event operations and documentation for timesaving’s.
  • Quickly onboard new staff and streamline daily operations with a consistent process.
  • Accommodate business and properties across various regions and multiple currencies.



Created for full-service hotel properties with over 5,000 square feet of meeting space, Amadeus’s Delphi solution is ready to meet your most pressing challenges.

Designed to manage groups of all sizes, Delphi is a full-service, cloud-native solution that empowers sales and catering teams to quickly respond to customer inquiries from anywhere at any time. From individual meetings to the grandest group gatherings, Delphi enables you to seamlessly contract new business, manage strong relationships, track ongoing performance metrics, and manage all details for flawless event delivery.

With so many events and even more moving pieces, the Sales & Catering Delphi solution was designed to:

  • Streamline and accelerate your daily operations with web browser and mobile access.
  • Automate task and workflow automation for significant time savings.
  • Integrate with your critical business solutions to provide a greater level of insight into your business.
  • Accommodate business and properties across various regions, multiple languages, and currencies.

Amadeus Sales and Catering Diagramming

Delphi Diagramming

Delphi Diagramming is an interactive, cloud-native hospitality software that helps event planners and venues collaborate throughout the booking cycle to design customized event floor plans and layouts. By providing dynamic event visualization capabilities that represent your space and your resource inventory, you can deliver an elevated experience that is faster, easier, and more accurate to ensure flawless events each and every time.

Property Edition: Our Delphi Diagramming Venue Edition is designed to streamline operational execution. Using a visual, interactive, and collaborative event diagramming tool, venues and planners establish clear understanding of event requirements, enabling the best event execution. As a cloud-enabled program, you can use Delphi Diagramming Venue Edition on mobile, desktop or tablet devices from anywhere with internet access. Venue Edition will help you better capture and communicate customer expectations and equip you with the tools you need to deliver a personalized experience.

Website Edition: The Delphi Diagramming Website Edition is our front-facing, interactive tool that helps event planners during their research and shopping phase to visualize their event in your function space. Website Edition is mobile-ready and can be integrated with your current website, so viewers are equipped with all the information and visuals they need to envision their event in your function space and then share the details with you, so you don’t miss a step.

Increase Your Group Sales for Maximum Property Growth

Group business is essential for filling hotel guest rooms, booking event function spaces, growing banquet revenues, and increasing your profitability. With our sales and event software, your teams will:

  • Effectively manage and qualify incoming leads.
  • Identify need periods to improve function space utilization.
  • Improve customer relationship management, communication, and prospecting.

Deliver Group Business with Profitable & Efficient Operations

Whether you’re managing a small board meeting, a sophisticated social event, or a complex multi-day function, our sales and catering software enables your teams to:

  • Collaborate with the event planner and internal teams to document all event logistics.
  • Detail all menu selections and event setup requirements.
  • Track any changes or modifications and share them with all parties, ensuring flawless delivery.

Gain a Holistic Understanding of Your Group Business Performance 

Our sales, catering and event software will help you understand your group business performance throughout the entire event process as well as holistically, including:

  • Your successes and your inefficiencies, so you can make improvements.
  • Your standing in relation to your competitors.
  • Growth for the property year-over-year.
  • Performance by region.

An Event Software for Management Companies

Now you can view each one of your properties in one system – regardless of the kind of group business your portfolio offers or where your properties are located.

  • View availability at each property and share leads across properties to keep the business in the organization.
  • Enable team members who sit above-property to sell and manage business at multiple locations.
  • Organize and accommodate multi-property group business in nearby properties.
  • Configure reports, dashboards, and data in one place with standardized metrics.

Let’s talk about your needs

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Discover the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions​

Amadeus’ award-winning solutions support the full traveller lifecycle, from search and booking, to onsite and return business.

Our portfolio is the most extensive in the industry so hoteliers, destinations, agencies, and providers of all sizes can do what matters most – drive profitable demand, power operational efficiency, and deliver memorable guest experiences.

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