Why does Housekeeping effectiveness directly affect hotel ADR?


The Housekeeping Department is often the most over-looked when allocating resources or improving systems because it is not considered “revenue generating.” Resources are primarily allocated to departments that drive guest bookings and directly influence hotel ADR growth. However, housekeeping makes up the largest segment of hotel staff, and actually has the largest impact on hotel ADR.

Room readiness, room cleanliness, and fast response to guest needs are crucial to ensure that ADR can remain high, and strong throughout the year. Although the housekeeping department may not be solely responsible for bringing in new guests they will be the greatest impact on whether or not a guest decides to return.  So what impact does Housekeeping actually have on your ability to increase ADR and keep guests coming back to your property?

  • According to Cornell University, guests in the US that wait beyond the “breaking point” of a 5-minute wait can suffer from a 47% decrease in their satisfaction before they even check in.
  • 77% of travelers say reviews about positive service delivery from your staff are the heaviest influence on their accommodation decisions.
  • The top two reasons for both a positive and negative stay experience are clean rooms and friendly staff.
  • The #1 reason people are motivated to book a trip is from a personal recommendation provided by another traveler.

In order to reduce check in wait times, improve your response time, and also create exceptional service that customers want to share online or with each other you must first benchmark your Housekeeping operation by asking a few key questions.


Are you satisfied with the answers you get in response to these questions?

If you’re not, then it may be time to re-evaluate your operational capabilities.  This is where technology that automates all of the manual processes for your team can be invaluable to improving your operations.  Using a housekeeping task automation solution is essential to running a highly efficient and highly effective operation, but finding the right one that fits all your needs is key. Knowing what to look for in a software solution can make this process easier. Keep your property’s needs in mind and look for a software that offers:

  • Significant time savings
  • High accessibility
  • Ability to integrate with other systems
  • High quality data
  • A provider with extensive industry experience
  • Adaptability to your business’s needs with room for growth

Micro Resource Center

Click on any of the links below to learn more about how to improve your Housekeeping operations now, and how to prepare for your future.

The value of Amadeus Housekeeping to your operation

An interconnected housekeeping team

  • Housekeeping managers can use mobile devices to check where their staff are in real time, and to communicate by messaging their room attendants without needing to track them down.
  • Room assignment changes can be updated in real time throughout your day. This type of intelligent routing and prioritization of room assignments can be used with two-way PMS integrations to your housekeeping software.  This ensures that room attendants are always focused on the most important room first.

Effective interdepartmental communication

  • Room rushes and changes to room cleaning priorities will no longer be a burden. By integrating with your PMS, real-time updates from the front desk are immediately reflected on your housekeeping staff’s priority list without manager intervention.
  • If a guest speaks to any staff member to make a request, they can use the desktop or mobile applications to report the request and go back to their work day.  Workflow automation handles the rest and puts that request in the appropriate team member’s queue of work.

Rapid response to guest needs

  • Any guest request or issue like an ask for additional amenities, a stay-over room cleaning, or an issue in the room is immediately dispatched to the appropriate staff member to fulfill the request through customized, automated workflows.  With Service Optimization, you can reduce your guest wait times by up to 50%.

Enhanced Room Readiness

  • Through automation, Amadeus Housekeeping can reduce wait times up to 50% through dynamic real-time room prioritization workflows.

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