Monarch Beach Resort Case Study

Anna Ransom

Monarch Beach Case Study

A Five-Diamond Property with a Guest Experience to Match

Set along the beautiful California coastline, the luxurious Monarch Beach Resort has delighted and surprised guests with exceptional service since 2001. To further grow the business and meet increasing traveler expectations, Monarch Beach Resort selected Amadeus Service Optimization to shed manual processes and streamline operations so guest satisfaction could remain the staff’s top priority.

“I think the key benefit of the system is the ability to have all the knowledge we need in one system to make our operations more effective.”- Markus Krebs, Monarch Beach Resort Manager

Why Amadeus Service Optimization?

Monarch Beach Resort wanted to empower staff to not only respond quickly to incidents and requests but to be more intuitive in predicting guest behavior.  “Not only has Service Optimization helped us reduce our guest wait times by 50% at the resort,” says Resort Manager Markus Krebs, “but we collect the data over time and use it to become more anticipatory for our guests so they don’t have to ask for what they need as much.”

Not only can management use data in Amadeus Service Optimization to anticipate guest demands, but the information can also be cross-referenced for staff scheduling and project forecasting. Andy Hobbs, Director of Engineering confirms his team has benefited directly when balancing guest requests with building maintenance backlogs. “Analyzing the trends through the system allows us to optimize staff scheduling so we can meet the demands of the day,” says Hobbs. “We can also prioritize our work with minimal effort so we can respond quickly to guests and get right back to building maintenance. By leveraging the system we’ve prevented 24% more incidents from occurring because everyone has eyes on what work needs to be done, and our teams can easily strategize with housekeeping and other departments on important projects without impacting our guests.”

Staff collaboration has always been critical for Monarch Beach Resort due to its expansive real estate. Real-time communication is key to their success, especially for housekeeping. Maria Cuevas, Director of Housekeeping relies on Amadeus Service Optimization to enhance room attendant productivity. “The fact that all departments can see where our room attendants are without having to track them down is absolutely priceless. Time is our currency and it’s all about productivity to make sure we’re turning the house as quickly as possible. With Amadeus Service Optimization, our managers don’t have to micromanage staff, which gives them more time to engage guests and complete room inspections to ensure quality.”

 “By using inspections in the system, we can see trends and the most important areas to improve upon. Since we started analyzing inspection data in combination with guest reviews and survey data, we’ve seen cleanliness scores improve in our online reviews and social media.” –  Markus Krebs, Monarch Beach Resort Manager



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