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Increase hotel guest loyalty and drive repeat business

Amadeus' Guest Management System


Guest Management for Hotels

Competition for hotel guests is more intense than ever. Understanding who your guests and prospects are and personalizing your communications with them dramatically improves your ability to build loyalty and drive repeat business – and edge out your competitors. Amadeus’ Guest Management System (GMS) is more than just a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, it offers a comprehensive suite of marketing automation tools to engage your hotel guests and drive incremental revenue. Target guests with the right message at the right time, even as their behaviors change, and seamlessly customize your outreach before, during, and after their stay. Maximize the value of your guest data to continuously drive revenue and engagement for your hotel.

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The New GMS Email Center

Discover all the new hospitality-specific features of the GMS Email Center that make it fast and easy to build elegant and impactful communications.

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Email Template Library for Hotels

Explore our library of downloadable email templates to suit all of your transactional, marketing, loyalty and promotional email communication needs.

Turbo-charge your hotel Guest Management System with elegant email designs that will attract, please et retain your guests.

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Communicate throughout the Guest Journey

Guest Management Services Offerings

Main features

GuestView360® BI reporting

Dashboards to help you understand your hotel guests through the Hotelligence360® platform

Performance reporting

In-depth reporting on marketing including revenue reporting

Guest profiles

Central data warehouse of rich guest profiles

Data cleansing/merging

De-duplication that merges like profiles

Email marketing

End-to-end email marketing platform

Guest messenger

Messaging feature for conversations via Facebook, WeChat, SMS

Transactional communications

Customizable confirmations, cancellation, modifications, pre- and post-stay messages

Upgrade engine

Drive hotel revenue with room, package upgrades


Workflow engine to reduce work


Bring back those that visited your site to book

Loyalty program

Recognize returning guests

Guest satisfaction surveys & TripAdvisor & Google integration

Track and enhance hotel guest satisfaction

Key Benefits

  • Deep insights and a full view of your hotel guests
  • Targeted communications to increase engagement and drive revenue
  • Conversion of OTA guests to direct bookers
  • Guest communication on property through their preferred channel
  • Confident brand marketing to drive guest loyalty
  • Maximized revenue through upsell opportunities – 17% of guests upgrade after seeing an offer!
  • More time to focus on strategic Marketing efforts due to increased efficiencies

Guest Data
7M+ Monthly guest profiles created (2019)

21% of travelers upgrade after seeing a GMS offer (2019)

Connections Matter
100+ Connections. We use industry standard HTNG interfaces and have bulk upload capabilities

A proven platform
​Used by over 2,200 properties worldwide

50,000+ Monthly reservations generated ​from email marketing (2019)
3.6M+ Monthly transactional emails sent (2019)
​50M+ Monthly marketing emails ​sent (2019)

IAC Awards

Best Hotel and Lodging Integrated Ad Campaign

Flemings Hotels clinched the “Best Hotel and Lodging Integrated Ad Campaign” award at the 2023 Internet Advertising Competition, hosted by the Web Marketing Association.

Their triumphant “Black Week” Pre-Holiday Bookings Campaign, powered by Amadeus GMS Solution, ingeniously incentivized both members and non-members to join their loyalty program.

The campaign deployed targeted marketing emails, promotional banners on their iHotelier® Booking Engine, and pop-up ads on their Amadeus Web Solutions homepage.

This strategic move led to a remarkable 109% growth surge compared to their summer campaigns and an impressive 98% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in just two weeks!