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Engage your most profitable audiences at every stage of the buyer’s cycle with data-driven advertising campaigns: Be present and prominent on the same channels as qualified travelers and travel agents with digital marketing that capitalizes on proprietary data from the leading Business Intelligence suite for hospitality, as well as industry expertise and partnerships.

Influence travel agents and potential guests with targeted, persuasive messaging that builds brand awareness and bookings.


  • Maximize ADR and occupancy with a competitive, data-driven media strategy tailored to your property, market, and region.
  • Start building personal relationships with travelers and travel agents most likely to book your hotel – when and where they’re looking.
  • Reduce unprofitable spend with media investments that prioritize high-production channels and campaigns that account for exact need periods and lead times.
  • Attribute revenue and bookings directly to paid media campaigns with performance reporting that offers hospitality-specific analytics.
  • Access capabilities and expertise available to the biggest brands in hospitality through our preferential partnerships with Google, Facebook, Travelport, and Sabre.

Fuel Your Media Strategy with 360-Degree Data

Advertise to Travelers

Connect with potential hotel guests at every stage of their buyer journey with paid search, display, and social advertising.

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Advertise to Travel Agents

Expand your reach to travel agents on their preferred booking channel at the point of sale – no matter which GDS they are using.

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