Amadeus Sales & Catering Solutions

Amadeus Sales & Catering Solutions

Meet the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted solutions in the market today. 

Meet the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted solutions in the market today. 

Discover the industry’s most comprehensive, trusted Sales & Catering Software in the market today

Get Ready to Address your Most Pressing Challenges

There’s a reason why industry leaders worldwide trust the Delphi name. It’s synonymous with sales, catering, and innovation. It empowers teams to grow and manage group business. It supports businesses of all sizes, from small one-day meetings and events to complex multi-day conferences. It consolidates your portfolio into one system, where you can share leads, better manage accounts, and gain holistic insights across your entire portfolio all over the world. No matter how big or small the scale, Amadeus Sales & Catering solutions work as an extension of your hospitality team to increase group business by elevating your selling, organizing, and management processes.

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Optimize your Group Sales and Operations Across your Entire Portfolio

Discover why the Delphi name resonates so deeply within the industry and how with a long-term commitment to constant innovation, continues to be the most comprehensive solutions in the market today. From individual meetings to the grandest group gatherings, Delphi enables you to seamlessly contract new business, manage strong relationships, track ongoing performance metrics, and manage all details for flawless event delivery.

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We take the time to understand your unique business needs and goals. And we understand that in today’s hyper-competitive market, hotels must find a way to bridge the gaps between diverse technology systems while strengthening long-term guest relationships and maximizing revenue streams.

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When it comes time to host an event in your function space, logistical details can be the difference between your client choosing your venue again in the future or going with a competitor. You have to deploy your resources effectively, attend to all of the expected and unexpected details, and provide personalized experiences for your guests that will get the planner’s attention.

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Modern casinos and gaming enterprises don’t have the luxury of relying only on revenue if they want to compete in the current environment. They have to operate similar to if not just like the finest luxury hotels and offer guests personalized and comprehensive service. They also have to develop proven strategies for booking high-revenue group business and executing events at a high level.

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Events & Banquet


No matter how familiar you are with event and group business, effectively growing and managing your hotel’s sales and catering operations can substantially increase your revenue, grow your customer base, and generate repeat business.

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Sales & Catering Solutions

Features Delphi Select Delphi
Customer Relationship Management
Guest Room Availability & Blocks Multiple Per Booking
Volume Contracts (LNR)
Events / Function Space Availability
BEOs & Banquet Checks Customization Available
Booking Packages
Autotraces (Automated Activities) Configuration Available
Reporting Configuration Available
Integrations* Limited Availability
Support 24/7 Online or Phone 24/7 Online or Phone

Discover how you can gain access to:

✓ The most comprehensive, advanced features to support scaled-down teams

✓ Rapid onboarding to start selling from day one

✓ Reduced cost for limited budgets

✓ Innovation committed to meet your most pressing challenges

Learn why industry leaders worldwide trust the Delphi name and how you can gain access today

Increase Your Group Sales for Maximum Property Growth

Group business is essential for filling hotel guest rooms, booking event function spaces, growing banquet revenues, and increasing your profitability. With our sales and event software, your teams will:

  • Effectively manage and qualify incoming leads.
  • Identify need periods to improve function space utilization.
  • Improve customer relationship management, communication, and prospecting.
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Deliver Group Business with Profitable & Efficient Operations

Whether you’re managing a small board meeting, a sophisticated social event, or a complex multi-day function, our sales and catering software enables your teams to:

  • Collaborate with the event planner and internal teams to document all event logistics.
  • Detail all menu selections and event setup requirements.
  • Track any changes or modifications and share them with all parties, ensuring flawless delivery.

Gain a Holistic Understanding of Your Group Business Performance

Our sales, catering and event software will help you understand your group business performance throughout the entire event process as well as holistically, including:

  • Your successes and your inefficiencies, so you can make improvements.
  • Your standing in relation to your competitors.
  • Growth for the property year-over-year.
  • Performance by region.
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An Event Software for Management Companies

Now you can view each one of your properties in one system – regardless of the kind of group business your portfolio offers or where your properties are located.

  • View availability at each property and share leads across properties to keep the business in the organization.
  • Enable team members who sit above-property to sell and manage business at multiple locations.
  • Organize and accommodate multi-property group business in nearby properties.
  • Configure reports, dashboards, and data in one place with standardized metrics.

Discover our Sales & Catering Solutions

10 Questions you need to ask before buying Sales & Catering Software: A Comprehensive Guide for Hotels

Investing in the right sales and catering technology can not only streamline and improve event operations, but it can also free up valuable time for staff to focus on delivering memorable guest experiences and winning new business.

In this eBook, we cover:

  • A brief introduction to sales and catering software – what it is and why it matters
  • The benefits of sales and catering software for hotels
  • The top questions to ask when comparing solutions and providers

Meet the Amadeus Sales & Catering family

Discover the suite of Service Optimization solutions by Amadeus, a global leader in hospitality technology. Backed by decades of expertise from a team of experienced hospitality professionals to empower your teams with the right tools, making it easier than ever to ensure guest satisfaction while optimizing your hotel’s profitability.


Increase group business by empowering your sales and catering teams to efficiently sell, organize, and manage events.

Delphi Select

Streamline daily operations and track performance for properties with less than 5,000 square feet of meeting space.

Delphi Diagramming

Let event planners evaluate space and venues to create customized layouts and floor plans from anywhere at anytime with our interactive diagramming solution.

Is your hotel positioned for the evolving landscape of group travel?

To set hotel teams up for success for the rising demand of group business, we’ve compiled key trends, best practices, and complimentary resources based on global industry insights to help you and your team navigate the evolving landscape.

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