Software Solutions for the Casino and Gaming Industry

Operators of casinos and gaming enterprises know that sustained success requires innovative strategies that enable your team to deliver memorable experiences to guests. Competition is aggressive in established gaming markets, and casinos must utilize critical technological solutions that help them refine processes across departments and generate reliable revenue from all business sectors.

Gaming enterprises must respond to unique challenges in the hospitality sphere

Modern casinos and gaming enterprises don’t have the luxury of relying only on revenue if they want to compete in the current environment. They have to operate similar to if not just like the finest luxury hotels and offer guests personalized and comprehensive service. They also have to develop proven strategies for booking high-revenue group business and executing events at a high level.

Operating a casino is a constant exercise in navigating complex systems and striving for consistency, and leaders need to incorporate robust software solutions that will facilitate the desired outcomes time and time again. Amadeus offers casino management software solutions for gaming businesses that help them prepare for these unique challenges at all phases of operation.

Guest Intelligence Drives Greater Loyalty

Meeting the expectations of top guests is a key priority in gaming – especially given the disproportionately high percentage of revenue they bring in. And with the comprehensive capture and application of guest intelligence (favorite drink, preferred table, transportation arrangements, accommodation preferences, etc.) gaming establishments can build deeper loyalty with this key customer segment.

Amadeus Central Reservation System solutions are built to act as the central repository for all guest-related data, providing a single database of guest intelligence that can be leveraged at every guest touch point. With Amadeus CRS every relevant staff member has immediate access to complete guest intelligence to deliver on the spot upgrades, services, and delights, and support new levels of guest loyalty built around personalized service.

Effective sales and event management strategies represent a significant revenue stream

In most destinations where gaming is an established industry, conventions and group events tend to follow. In an age where hospitality companies are under immense pressure to offer guests enhanced, and thus more costly experiences, group and catering bookings represent a crucial and consistent revenue opportunity.

Your organization must be prepared to manage group business leads effectively to boost conversion rates and execute seamless events as well. With products such as Amadeus Sales and Event Management software, you can automate cumbersome lead management tasks that allow your sales team to respond quickly and devote their full attention to where it’s needed most.

Service optimization enables casinos to offer more than gaming

Guests are looking for casinos to go above and beyond in terms of service experiences these days, especially if they have VIP statuses. You and your team have to be able to anticipate guests’ needs in a hyper personalized way, and regularly and deliver cohesive service across every touchpoint of their stay.

By utilizing Amadeus Service Optimization, you can remove roadblocks from critical workflow processes that cause friction in complex casino operations. This innovative line of products helps you increase service effectiveness, and gain deep insight into your building, staff and guests so you can make more informed decisions.

Let Amadeus show you How targeted software solutions can revolutionize your business

Thriving in the ultra-competitive gaming industry is never going to be easy, but it’s essential to know that you have a technology partner that is as passionate about crafting exceptional solutions as you are about creating unique experiences for your guests. Reach out to an Amadeus representative today to discover more about how our casino management software solutions for gaming businesses can help you increase bookings, reduce costs, and engage with your guests in personalized ways.

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