HotSOS ® Select

HotSOS ® Select

The best hotel operations software, built for the future of hospitality.

The best hotel operations software, built for the future of hospitality.

Select Service, Superior Surroundings

Adapting to Elevated Standards

Today’s travelers have elevated expectations when it comes to new safety and cleanliness standards. Trying to implement new procedures with limited resources, while continuing to deliver an exceptional guest experience can be a daunting task. HotSOS Select – designed specifically for select service properties – can help to maximize your team’s capabilities while they ensure new standards are met.

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Meet the Needs of the Market Today and Keep Your Team Engaged

Whether it’s wiping down frequently used areas like elevator buttons, delivering guest requests like soap or chargers, or ensuring air-conditioning and other equipment is being properly maintained, HotSOS Select can assist in making sure all your necessary tasks are completed.

In addition to managing the workflow, HotSOS Select enables you to inspect items, take pictures, receive escalations, and provide detailed reporting to optimize operations, reduce cost, and mitigate risk. All this without needing to print a worksheet that’s immediately outdated.

While your property may have a small staff and a smaller budget, it doesn't mean you're limited in your capabilities to deliver exceptional stays.

HotSOS Select Capabilities at a Glance:


  • Customizable and scalable digital inspection checklists.
  • Schedule work orders with procedural step by step actions.
  • Access task automation workflows that instantly log, communicate, and prioritize work.
  • See staff productivity via real-time dashboards.
  • Leverage task scheduling and configuration tools.
  • Enjoy low touch onboarding and in-application learning and training videos.
  • Track and conduct meter readings.
  • Schedule health checks on equipment.
  • Integrates with HotSOS Mobile for seamless on-the-go work order management.
  • Analyze in-depth reports to identify improvements for bottom line results.

Uphold Property and Industry Standards


Scrupulous cleaning and disinfecting processes and procedures will be vital to execute the cleanliness standards that the new “Generation Clean” guests have come to value. With HotSOS Select, you can manage and execute property, departmental, and industry standards , while delivering the highest level of service, keeping your guests happy and safe.

Do More with Less



Many hotel owners and managers find themselves short-handed in managing new requirements, making servicing customers and managing workflows more challenging than ever before. With HotSOS Select, you can schedule work, set reminders, log escalations, and analyze reports so that productivity is maximized, enabling your hotel to do more with less.

Say Goodbye to Manual Operations



Fast-paced environments and growing changes in consumer demands are driving an increased need for hotel service optimization. With HotSOS Select, you can better manage response times, complete more preventative maintenance work, and optimize labor with workflow automation, dynamic prioritization, and communication tools. All while remaining paperless.

Improve Your Future by Gaining Guest Loyalty



Select service is all in the details, and modern hotel guests have rising expectations when it comes to service and the state of their surroundings. With HotSOS Select, room inspections, scheduled maintenance, and real-time operational dashboards help your team to provide an exceptional guest experience every time they check-in.

Achieve Operational Excellence with Amadeus HotSOS Solutions

To demonstrate the value and impact of our industry-leading HotSOS hotel operations software, Amadeus is pleased to provide different offers to achieve operational perfection and enhance your guest's experiences.

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HotSOS Select

Designed specifically for select service properties – can help to maximize your team’s capabilities while they ensure new standards are met.


HotSOS centralizes hotel guest information to keep your staff in the loop about a traveler’s needs and preferences, as well as ensuring operations can run smoothly at the click of a button.

HotSOS Housekeeping

Automate your daily housekeeping operations with cloud-native software that can easily integrate into a variety of PMS solutions.

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