Increased productivity. Reduced wait time. Sound compelling? We thought so.

Get rid of your paper-based operation and introduce automation to your housekeeping department.


HotSOS Housekeeping

HotSOS Housekeeping is a cloud-based solution that automates your housekeeping daily operation, resulting in reduced check-in wait times and increased guest satisfaction.

Housekeeping software not only boosts department efficiency, it also enhances guest satisfaction. Download our free guide to learn more: Everything You Need to Know About Housekeeping Software.

In 2016, HotSOS Housekeeping saved hotels $166 per guestroom by prioritizing the process of guestroom cleaning, digitizing the guestroom inspection process and mobilizing the management of the department virtually.

Prioritize and Report

Virtually manage room prioritization based on daily business needs. Enable reporting of guestroom deficiencies and guest requests on the go

Connect & Analyze Your Team

Allow staff to connect and manage their department from anywhere, on any device

Analyze data to measure and evaluate RA productivity, guestroom cleaning trends and forecast future business

PMS Integration

Integrate with your PMS system for automatic updates on room statuses, guest preferences, and room rushes