HotSOS® Housekeeping

HotSOS® Housekeeping

Introducing the next evolution of housekeeping excellence

Introducing the next evolution of housekeeping excellence 

How do you elevate both guest and staff satisfaction, while increasing profitability?

Ensuring rooms are ready on time, managing dynamic staff schedules, and addressing guest requests promptly are critical for maximizing profitability.


Introducing the new                              HotSOS Housekeeping

Now featuring a new modern interface and intuitive user experience designed to:

  • Optimize housekeeping efficiency
  • Enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty
  • Prioritize staff well-being and engagement
  • Improve performance and profitability


Special Limited Time Offer
2 Months Complimentary!

*Valid for new subscriptions, including a discount equivalent to 2 months complimentary. Some restrictions may apply. Contact us for details.


Discover More About HotSOS Housekeeping

Elevate your property’s efficiency and guest satisfaction with the new HotSOS Housekeeping. Want to learn more? Click below to view our fact sheet and see how you can transform your housekeeping operations.

The Next Evolution of Hotel Housekeeping Excellence

Optimize housekeeping efficiency


Gain real-time insights and manage housekeeping processes effectively with a sleek new interface.

  • Optimize task management and streamline room assignments
  • Adapt on the fly to address critical rooms promptly
  • Gain an overview of the entire house for real-time room inventory · Seamlessly integrate with HotSOS for even further operational excellence
  • Preserve institutional knowledge by establishing standard operating procedures

Enhance guest satisfaction


Become a well-orchestrated symphony of operations for elevated guest service

  • Empower staff with real-time guest info for personalized and enhanced interactions
  • Leverage guest data to foster loyalty by anticipating future needs and desires
  • Turn rooms faster, boost cleanliness, and promote seamless interdepartmental communication

Prioritize staff well-being and engagement


Empower your team with intuitive tools and automation for enhanced productivity and satisfaction

  • Efficiently onboard new staff with an intuitive interface for quick learning
  • Automate processes for staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest service
  • Enable multilingual translations for seamless communication and collaboration
  • Effortlessly allocate guest tips to staff via digital tipping integrations
  • Assign and track rooms within labor regulations, by credits, minutes, and surface areas

Maximize profit and performance


Unlock manager capabilities to support staff optimization, productivity, and data-driven decisions.

  • Access real-time staff productivity to reward and improve
  • Enhance managerial efficiency with automated alerts and priority shifts
  • Boost staff development with performance-driven reviews and training
  • Use guest and staff insights to improve labor management, personalization, and service quality

Which Service Optimization Solution is Right for You?

of reported housekeeping issues instantly resolved

Learn how Hotel Okura Amsterdam transformed their guest room management with HotSOS Housekeeping


Ready to optimize your operations today?

Discover the next level of housekeeping excellence and find out how you can:

·  Maximize your housekeeping efficiency
·  Enhance your guest and staff satisfaction
·  Gain access to 2 months complimentary*
·  Start now for as low as $5 USD per room, per month

*Offer available for a limited time. For new subscribers only. Some restrictions may apply.

Simply fill out this form to receive more information from a sales specialist. 

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