Transform your Meeting and Events business by simplifying and automating processes to drive more revenue


Amadeus MeetingBroker, the leading platform for Meeting & Event RFP distribution, now offers connectivity for instant venue group bookings. The updated platform connects hotels with meeting planners seamlessly through our partner channels to make booking space for a small meeting or an event as easy as booking a flight or hotel online.

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Provide greater exposure to your meeting and event spaces, ultimately securing more business

• Connect to a unique, centralized platform to expose your function spaces. Receive both RFPs and instant bookings from multiple leading sources.
• Access key global meeting planner demand channels including Cvent, Groups360, and MeetingPackage to expand your visibility.
• Upsell your associated meeting content such as related food, beverage, and audio-visual products.

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Work more efficiently to drive increased revenue

• Reduce the hands-on effort by your team on small meetings so they can refocus on relationship building and more complex, profitable bookings.
• Improve functional space utilization by providing distribution and promotion opportunities for small and meeting events.


Maintain total venue control over every step of your instant event booking process

• Manage what inventory is available for instant booking, when buyers can book online, what channels you connect to, and what types of transactions you receive.
• Benefit from greater flexibility and personalization by configuring your product offerings to differentiate your venue and meet the needs of your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Greater exposure to your meeting and event spaces, ultimately securing more incremental meeting and event business with instant bookings
  • Enhanced efficiency and drive more increased revenue
  • Maintain control over every step of your instant venue booking process

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