Enhanced Booking Engine

Enhanced Booking Engine

Website and Booking Engine integrated into one seamless shopping flow.

Website and Booking Engine integrated into one seamless shopping flow.

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Our highest converting booking engine yet reduces friction along the guest journey

The enhanced iHotelier® Booking Engine — the latest innovation from the iHotelier Suite of products — seamlessly combines web and booking engine to deliver a more frictionless and experiential guest journey. Built in response to industry demand for a simple, design-forward, and more personalized shopping experience, the enhanced iHotelier Booking Engine delivers a unified experience from looking to booking to help increase direct conversions and maximize guest spend at every step of the shopping flow.

Deliver seamless navigation for the guest

Leverage an integrated website and booking engine to deliver a more frictionless and intuitive shopping experience that maximizes conversions.

_ Provide a consistent experience from website to booking engine with a consistent look, feel, and navigation
_ Engage guests and simplify the booking process by keeping reservation and view details all in one window
_ Allow guests to easily change room details, book multiple rooms, and/or start over at any point in the booking flow


Increase guest spend

Intelligently upsell rooms and enhancements throughout the shopping flow, encouraging guests to build an experiential stay while driving ancillary revenue.

_ Prominently feature upsell and enhancement opportunities throughout the booking flow
_ Merchandise on-property and third-party experiences as well as on-property Food & Beverage reservations at key points in the booking journey to help guests build their ideal experience
_ Fully integrate with Amadeus Reward and Redeem loyalty programs to enable guests to pay with points

Provide a highly shoppable booking flow

Deliver a more intuitive and flexible shopping experience that meets the expectations of today’s eCommerce-savvy shoppers.

_ Allow guests to build their ideal experience with new filter and sort options
_ Offer multiple view options (rooms, rates, packages) to configure the shopping experience in the way the guest prefers
_ Encourage membership sign-up by merchandising members-only rates throughout the booking flow

Room booking Filters

Ensure the entire shopping experience is on-brand

Tailor your aesthetic and configuration for a consistent guest experience that builds trust and the right flow for your business priorities.

Ensure consistency of Branding (logos, colors, fonts, layouts) across website and booking engine to deliver a consistent and reassuring experience
Easily configure the shopping experience and related components in the manner that best suits your property and business needs

Unlock the Secrets to Hotel Direct Booking Success

Discover how to increase your hotel direct bookings and revenue. With our “Mastering the Art of Direct Booking” guide, you will learn:

✓ The importance of direct bookings for hotels worldwide
✓ Tips to optimize your website and booking engine for higher conversions
✓ Strategies to diminish reliance on OTAs and third parties, boosting direct bookings
✓ Proven methods to amplify hotel OCC, ADR, and revenue
✓ Best practices for cultivating a loyal guest base and enhancing satisfaction

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