Hotel Distribution Services

With one of the largest global distribution systems (GDS) in the world, you can gain access to more guests than you’d ever thought possible. Whether you are a hotel property, hotel chain, representation company, or aggregator, we offer solutions to help distribute and sell your content. Through the Amadeus Travel Platform, we connect you with our global network of subscriber travel agencies. We present bookers with rich, accurate, and diverse hotel content while helping your properties stand out in both the market and in front of customers.

What Is Hotel Distribution?

Hotel distribution refers to the complicated web of internet-based channels through which guests book rooms with hotels. Guests go through a variety of booking channels depending on their intent, loyalty status, and trip purpose. These channels include:

  • Online travel agencies
  • Travel management companies
  • Tour operators
  • Corporate self-booking
  • Travel agents
  • Hotel websites

Today, guests use both traditional and online portals to book, which means hoteliers are constantly faced with one main challenge: maximizing their hotel distribution strategy in order to get in front of the right customers, at the right time.

Amadeus Hotel Distribution Services

From a home-based agency in Carolina to the leading online player in Australia, our solution puts you in front of all types of booking services all over the world – including high-touch travel management companies, web services customers, and leisure agencies. Getting connected has never been easier – if you have a Central Reservation System (CRS), we connect to our Travel Platform directly, or via a ‘Switch’ company. Once connected, we help you to sell the right room and the right property, at the right rate, to the right guest, in any market, anywhere.

Gain Access to a Global Footprint

With a GDS, you can connect with the biggest global footprint. That’s millions of potential guests that you might not reach otherwise.

Hotel GDS Optimization

Offers you the opportunity to promote your message to exactly the right target audience to build your brand and grow sales.

Hotel Representation

If you don’t have a CRS or cannot support a GDS-CRS, our hotel representation company -Amadeus LinkHotel is here to help. Amadeus LinkHotel is a multi-GDS services company that distributes your inventory and content to the world’s global distribution systems – Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport (Galileo and Worldspan).

GDS Is Our Specialty

We understand that getting in front of customers can be a huge challenge given all the channels your guests use to book. We make it easy for travel agents to quickly locate your content in response to what travelers are looking for. And with standardized information across all Amadeus points of sale, and accurate, honest property descriptions, travelers know exactly what to expect with every booking.

Our GDS optimization solutions help your marketing budget go further:

  • Get in front of customers through travel agencies with prime positioning and front-and-center display.
  • Enable travel agents to recommend your hotel to customers the instant they book their flights.
  • Gain unique insight into market trends and your competition’s behavior with details from hotel reports.

Get Seen by Millions with Hotel Representation

Our hotel representation solution – Amadeus LinkHotel – enables your hotel to connect to our GDS and become available for millions of bookings per year.

Our team of experts is committed to bringing your business into the new era of hotel booking through multi-channel distribution. We’re here to support your growth and success through guidance on consortia contracting, and GDS marketing and reporting.

We also provide free training for our Amadeus LinkHotel CRS – our software that enables you to easily manage rates for all rooms and seasons.

Want to Expand Your Hotel’s Horizons?

Contact Amadeus today to discover how our hotel distribution and GDS optimization solutions can take your property past the competition and into the plans of your customers.

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