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The Industry standard in hotel sales & catering, tailored for all property types.

Everything you need to:

Accelerate Sales Growth

Unlock your sales potential with less time and resources



What if you could swiftly address every lead, keep contracts organized, and never miss a follow-up? Imagine managing bookings seamlessly, freeing time to nurture relationships, and consistently exceeding targets.

Meet Delphi, your trusted sales and catering solution, fine-tuned for all hotel types to drive business growth and optimize processes.

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Leading hotel sales innovation

For decades, Delphi has set the industry standard in hotel sales and catering. Now, with an enhanced portfolio, Delphi offers tailored experiences for all hotel types, built on the industry-leading Salesforce CRM.

Whether managing intimate gatherings or large events, Delphi empowers sales teams with scalable options to exceed targets and guest expectations, regardless of property size.

Achieve more with less



achieve over 50%
group conversion rates


35 mins

reduce group booking
times by 35 minutes


3 clicks

generate proposals,
contracts and templates
in just a few clicks

Increase Sales, Manage More Efficiently, Strengthen Relationships

Delphi provides everything needed to optimize processes and build lasting connections.

  • Built on the #1 Salesforce CRM, offering a lightning-fast interface, tailored experiences by hotel type, and customized training from expert-led masterclasses to self-guided options. 

  • Keep a centralized database for transparency and easy record-keeping. Maintain detailed records to grow relationships and ensure continuity when team members are out. 

  • Enhance collaboration with a unified platform for client communication and save time by customizing event items and automating BEOs and banquet checks. 

  • Leverage comprehensive reporting to gain insights into group performance, assess profitability and productivity, and analyze historical data to identify trends and enable accurate forecasting. 

  • Manage contacts and client communication with ease, respond to leads quickly, automate follow ups, and optimize sales processes to maximize opportunities and revenue potential.  

  • Exclusive integrations with Delphi Direct, Delphi Diagramming, and MeetingBroker and access to a broader network for digital proposals, e-signatures, secure payments, and more.

Tailored Experiences for Every Property Type

Discover how Delphi's adaptable experiences, tailored to meet the distinct needs of full-service, limited-service, and brand or management companies.

Full-Service Hotels


For properties with over 5,000 Sq Ft (465 m²) of meeting space, addressing more complex hotel sales needs and more extensive catering to execute mid to large scale events flawlessly.

Streamline management of large guest room blocks and comprehensive meeting arrangements, including multi room set ups and diverse event formats.

Customize event packages with enhanced functionality for managing complex F&B and AV requirements.

Utilize advanced revenue management capabilities designed to maximize profitability. 

Limited Service Hotels


For properties with less than 5,000 Sq Ft (465 m²) of meeting space, focusing on efficiency in generating pipeline, managing relationships, and seamlessly handling execution of smaller groups.

Simplify group management for smaller gatherings, meetings, and groups.

Leverage a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and minimal training requirements.

Create efficiency with automated processes and streamlined workflows. 

Brand & Management Companies


For management companies and brands overseeing portfolios with multiple properties, ensuring transparency, consistency, and efficiency across all locations.

Manage all properties from one unified platform.

Access detailed analytics across your portfolio for data-driven planning. 

Standardize processes with reusable templates to save time and uphold brand standards. 

conversion rate on total group inquiries
of time saved per booking

Success Story

Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne transformed sales processes and increased efficiency.


Elevate your hotel sales and event strategy

Discover invaluable tips, tricks, and insights from global industry experts on how to master hotel sales and events. Dive into our comprehensive resource hub, including all kinds of assets from guides to checklists and more to help you master the competitive landscape and drive unparalleled success in hotel sales and events.

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Ready to grow your group business for less?

Discover how you can win more business and optimize processes in a real, affordable way with Delphi Select today. Now available for a limited time offer.

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