Amadeus Delphi®

Is your hotel prepared for the rising demand in meetings & events?

Planners’ expectations today are continuously evolving with an ever-increasing need for faster responses, supreme organization, thorough detail, and flawless execution. That’s why Amadeus Sales & Catering solutions were designed – to enable hoteliers to streamline their sales and event processes from lead to execution.


Delphi Sales & Catering Software

Advance Your Full-Service Event Planning & Booking

  • Accelerate your daily operations with web browser and mobile access.
  • Automate tasks and workflows for significant time savings.
  • Integrate with your business solutions to provide a greater level of insight.
  • Accommodate business across regions, languages, and currencies.
  • Gain a holistic view of your group business performance in real-time.

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Discover how you can gain access to:

✓ The most comprehensive, advanced features to support scaled-down teams

✓ Rapid onboarding to start selling from day one

✓ Reduced cost for limited budgets

✓ Innovation committed to meet your most pressing challenges

Learn why industry leaders worldwide trust the Delphi name and how you can gain access today

Meet Delphi

Your success is our success

“With Amadeus Sales & Catering, our communication as a team has improved since data and information is centralized. It’s eliminated any confusion as to the status of an event or contract and made the planning process much quicker.”

Denise Cole
Director of Sales and Marketing, Georgia International Convention Center
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“What Amadeus Sales & Catering does for sales, convention services, and the customer in the end is beneficiary in terms of being able to have a more interactive staff and a more focused staff, and that’s really what you want.”

Gavin Mealiffe
Vice President of Sales, Tropicana Las Vegas
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“Moving to Amadeus Delphi allowed us to launch an enterprise sales organization, which was critical to our success during the pandemic. Our sales force works remotely selling for a portfolio of hotels, and they have everything they need in one centralized system. It helped save our company, ultimately,”

Kimberly Furlong
Chief Commercial Officer, Atrium Hospitality
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Maintain Your Proven Success Model

You don’t have to change your proven process to accommodate a sales and event software solution. Delphi can accommodate your needs. Built on Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management platform, Delphi is highly configurable to your unique business processes, including various languages, currencies, taxes, and date requirements. With Delphi, you get the full power of Salesforce alongside with a hospitality-specific application built to empower your team with the best of breed capabilities.

Generate & Convert Leads with Ease

Increase the productivity of sales teams with consolidation of incoming lead channels into a single sales & event software solution. Empower the team to prospect for new and repeat business and easily visualize guest room and function space occupancy across all rooms and properties.

Perfectly Execute Events

Quickly communicate with both the planner and a large staff, ensuring that each room is set correctly the first time, menu selections are accurately delivered, and guests are happy.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Automating processes to develop and nurture relationships is key to winning business. Maintain continuity of your extensive accounts and contacts across multiple teams and properties.

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Accurately Measure Business Performance

Understand all aspects of a group’s performance to ensure future growth of the organization with highly configurable reports and dashboards to fit the needs of each user.

Enhance Visibility with Solution Integration

Continually improve your processes by reducing duplicate data entry and increasing visibility across solutions by integrating your sales and event software to your other business solutions.

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Manage Business Across the Globe

Built on Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management platform, Delphi is highly configurable to your unique business processes, including various languages, currencies, taxes, and date requirements.

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • yes
  • yes
  • Guest Room Availability & Blocks

  • yes
  • yes

    Multiple Per Booking

  • Volume Contracts (LNR)

  • yes
  • yes
  • Events / Function Space Availability

  • yes
  • yes
  • BEOs & Banquet Checks

  • yes
  • yes

    Customization Available

  • Booking Packages

  • yes
  • yes
  • Autotraces (Automated Activities)

  • yes
  • yes

    Configuration Available

  • Reporting

  • yes
  • yes

    Configuration Available

  • Integrations*

  • yes

    Limited Availability

  • yes
  • Support

  • yes

    24/7 Online or Phone

  • yes

    24/7 Online or Phone

  • * Additional costs may be associated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I use to access this software?

You can view the Sales & Catering – Delphi Module on any internet-capable device. However, larger devices will offer a better user experience, especially when viewing space availability and reports.

What kind of support is available?

Our award-winning support team is available 24/7 to help you resolve any issues, even throughout your busiest times – weekends and holidays. Unlimited 24/7 support calls are included with subscriptions to the Advanced Module along with 24/7 online support.

What is the onboarding process like?

The Delphi Module includes a modern onboarding to guide you through creating your property and onboarding the team. If you prefer a more structured approach, we can assign a project manager to organize your implementation from usage goals and objectives to system configuration, any data migration, and training. With the help of a team including a consultant and a trainer, your system will be set up for your unique business needs.

What kind of training do you offer?

The Advanced Module has a comprehensive Training & Help built right into the solution. You’ll have access to online courses, webinars, how-to videos, and just-in-time guidance to accelerate learning and boost productivity. If you choose to purchase one of our service packages, we will arrange both administrative and user training sessions prior to the system roll-out. Based on your needs, sessions are offered remotely or on-site at your property.

Do you still make Delphi?

While we may have started 30 years ago with the industry leading Delphi solution, times have advanced and so have we! We’ve come a long way from just a single solution. We now offer three modules to be sure we’re addressing your specific business needs based on the type of group business you manage.

Is your hotel well positioned for the evolving landscape of group business?

To set hotel teams up for success in the return of group business, we’ve compiled key trends, best practices, and complimentary resources based on global industry insights to help you and your team navigate the evolving landscape of group business.

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