Enhance your revenue strategies.

Enhance your revenue strategies.

The hospitality industry is constantly changing

Relying on historical data about your market is no longer a viable reference point for forecasting or a good predictor of what the future may hold.

For hoteliers to thrive, they need to rely on trustworthy, forward-looking data to navigate their future strategies and increase market share.


View rate and occupancy together in one platform

RevenueStrategy360 is the only hospitality data service available to deliver access to exclusive, forward-looking demand and rate data, in one place, which enables unrivalled revenue strategy decisions.

  • View your property’s on-the-books occupancy vs. your market’s on-the-books occupancy.
  • See when you’re out of parity with the market in advance, alongside estimated losses.

Now is the time to unlock comprehensive market insights

  • You can’t get strategic without a 360º view of rate, occupancy, distribution, and booking trends in your market
  • Beat your competition by leveraging forward-looking demand, agency, and rate data
  • Enrich your revenue management with intelligent, actionable information
  • Gain competitive edge with unique pricing insights in your market
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Be confident in your pricing strategies and stay flexible

Hoteliers need access to a complete view of market data and decision-making resources in one place to execute successful revenue management strategies. RevenueStrategy360 provides forward-looking, on-the-books business alongside real-time rate data to help hoteliers make the most profitable pricing and revenue management decisions.

  • Confidently assess the impact of the ever changing booking windows with fresh and accurate on-the-books data that is updated daily.
  • Leverage unlimited on-demand rate shopping with a refresh schedule to meet your needs.

Trust that the data you are using is accurate, sanctioned, and reliable

Historically it has been hard for hoteliers to gain access to truly reliable data that is not site scraped or inaccurately extracted from properties in your market. Using inaccurate data can easily lead to ineffective pricing decisions and limit your ability to grow revenue.

With RevenueStrategy360, you can stop trying to source data from multiple sources that are ultimately inaccurate and only tell part of the story.

  • Gain access to market occupancy direct from the source
  • Trust in your data integrity with 95% sanctioned rate shopping in partnership with the data source.
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Leverage unique, forward-looking data

Our proprietary partnerships provide access to view real bookings made for a future date so you can understand forward-looking trends.

Gain access to one year of forward-looking occupancy data from the world’s leading hospitality brands.

View your forward-looking ADR and RevPAR rank compared to your competitive set for the next 30 and 90 days.

Get advanced notice of trends, giving you time to adjust your strategy to shift share.

Gain a preview of Amadeus Business Intelligence data.

We offer four different report types in our Hospitality Market Insights Hub: Monthly Market Insights, Weekly Top 10 Global Markets, Weekly 50 Local Market Insights, and property Level Demand and Agency Snapshot Reports -- powered by Amadeus Demand360 and Agency360+ data. Start using this data now to inform your revenue management strategies.

Market Insights Report

Understand your entire market with Short-Term Rental data

Gain even deeper insight into your entire competitive market with data from the rapidly expanding world of short-term rentals (flats, homes, cottages, etc.):

  • Analyze and understand the vacation rentals competition in your area with access to 35 million listings worldwide, updated on a daily basis.
  • Optimize your occupancy and rates by reviewing forward-looking availability, rates, and pick up of local vacation rentals, keeping your guest rooms full.
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Meet the Amadeus Business Intelligence solution family!

Amadeus Business Intelligence

Overview of our BI solution allowing you to improve Marketing impact & occupancy, inform critical strategies and optimize operations.



Optimize agency booking performance with comprehensive competitor and whole industry insights for successful international leisure and corporate sales prospecting.



Develop laser-focused, highly effective hospitality demand generation strategies based on the best historical and future-looking occupancy and rate data available today.

Market Intelligence


Unlock a deeper level of travel insights with a full suite of air and hotel data to gain a comprehensive view of the traveler journey and bolster CVB and DMO prospecting.

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