iHotelier® StayPlus

iHotelier® StayPlus

Enabling Curated Hotel Experiences that Drive Profitability

Enabling Curated Hotel Experiences that Drive Profitability

iHotelier StayPlus: Reimagining the Future of Hotel Bookings

Experience the next level in hotel booking engine solution with iHotelier StayPlus, designed to empower hoteliers to achieve more bookings, increase revenue and profitability. IHotelier StayPlus helps hotels to sell more, sell broader, and personalize the guest experience within minutes all in one place, with an easy-to-use booking engine.

  • Seamless integration of cutting-edge marketing and revenue tools
  • Deliver unmatched guest booking experiences every time
  • Elevate your hotel's offerings, staying ahead in the competitive market
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Experiential Stay Builder front 1

Experiential Stay Builder

Craft Unique Guest Experiences: Personalization at its Finest.

Dive deep into the art of curating unparalleled guest moments that resonate and retain.

  • Pinpoint audience nuances with geo-location technology
  • Elevate stays with tailored bookings and enticing upselling opportunities
  • Strategically feature property highlights with optimal pricing

Dynamic Offers

Seasonal Promotions Simplified: Capturing Guests with Timely Offers.

Stay ahead, stay relevant; cater to the real-time demand nuances of the hospitality landscape.

  • Agile adjustments to demand fluctuations and seasonality
  • Craft compelling, urgency-inducing messages
  • Ensure precise revenue strategies with flexible tax and policy configurations
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Intelligent Merchandising front 1

Intelligent Merchandising

Boost Your Online Footprint: Digital Age Merchandising, Redefined.

Position your brand where it matters most, leveraging partnerships and platforms.

  • Amplify direct traffic through strategic Brand.com affiliations
  • Highlight special rates on top metasearch platforms: Google, Kayak, Trivago
  • Assure guests with integrated Travel Protection offerings

Performance Analyst

Empower Decisions with Data: The Pulse of Modern Hotelier Insights.

Harness the power of data; make decisions that resonate, reform, and revitalize.

  • Actionable insights with iHotelier Analytics at the core
  • Stay updated with real-time, dynamic reporting
  • Deep dive with comprehensive filters and tailored data exports
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Capture, Curate, Convert

Unlock the Secrets to Hotel Direct Booking Success

Discover how to increase your hotel direct bookings and revenue. With our “Mastering the Art of Direct Booking” guide, you will learn:

The importance of direct bookings for hotels worldwide
Tips to optimize your website and booking engine for higher conversions
Strategies to diminish reliance on OTAs and third parties, boosting direct bookings
Proven methods to amplify hotel OCC, ADR, and revenue
Best practices for cultivating a loyal guest base and enhancing satisfaction

Meet the Amadeus iHotelier® Reservations & Booking Engine solution family!

iHotelier® Channel Management™

Increase bookings across all OTA channels

iHotelier® GDS


Connect to all three Global Distribution Systems and improve your performance

iHotelier® Demand Services

Increase visibility and drive direct bookings through our Metasearch partnerships

iHotelier® VoicePro™

Remove stress from your staff, deliver a better guest experience, and maximize revenue with Amadeus VoicePro call handling services.

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