Are you an understaffed hotel in COVID recovery?

iHotelier VoicePro​

Remove stress from your staff, deliver a better guest experience, and maximize revenue with Amadeus VoicePro call handling services.


Main Features

​Expertly trained sales agents

Supporting you with consistent quality – we have a 75% agent retention rate

Continuous, multi-lingual coverage

Providing excellent service 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Sophisticated revenue statistical weekly reporting

Highlighting key performance indicators such as lost calls analysis

Flexible coverage options

Adaptable to your needs

Constant monitoring and optimization

Ensuring your voice channel is at peak performance

True scalability

Meeting your evolving needs

Key Benefits

  • Professional agents who serve as an extension of your hotel, selling your property’s unique features and benefits, providing a superior guest booking experience and maximizing revenue per booking
  • Seamless matching of each guest with the right agent, whether guests call directly or are prompted to call from your website
  • High conversion rates that support your property’s unique revenue goals

Service Options

Overflow (includes after hours)

  • Mitigates abandonment during peak volume periods, employee call-outs, vacations, attrition, and seasonality.
  • Allows hotels to decide how many rings (industry standard; 3 rings) before overflowing to VoicePro agents for assistance.

After Hours

  • Provides professional/seasoned VoicePro agents to assist during after business hours and/or office closure.
  • Can be leveraged to help reduce stress levels among on-property staff and improve morale (i.e. The front desk phone is constantly ringing while attempting to check in guests, reduction in night audit errors due to multi-tasking).

Full Service 24/7

  • Most comprehensive service coverage option; reducing seasonal payroll cost of temporary employees.
  • Provides full-service coverage 24/7, 365 days a year, all bank and national holidays.
  • Hotels can expect to see a 30% increase in call volume and a substantial reduction in abandonment.

Conversion Rates

Average gross conversion of 26% and net conversion of 66%

Quality Assurance

91% monthly quality assurance average

91% QA Monthly Avg