Travel Seller Media for Airlines

Travel Seller Media for Airlines

Increase brand exposure with GDS marketing. Reach travel sellers who are ready to book your airline and boost conversions across GDSs.

Increase brand exposure with GDS marketing. Reach travel sellers who are ready to book your airline and boost conversions across GDSs.

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Reach travelers and travel sellers across all decision journey

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Maximize marketing impact with travel targeting

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Understand when and where to do campaigns for maximum impact

Stand out from the competition

Global distribution systems are one of the highest ADR channels. Optimize your presence with GDS priority placement, text, and display campaigns that use proprietary data from the leading Business Intelligence suite for airlines to drive more revenue.

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Why is Travel Seller Media important, and what are the benefits of working with Amadeus?

  • Reach travel sellers when and where you want to reach them, at the point of purchase or searching for information.
  • Our trip-contextualized targeting criteria identifies every kind of travel agent at each stage of the booking process
  • We have selected premium placements that are non-disruptive for the travel sellers and guarantee the highest impact at the same time
  • Select from a myriad of standard IAB formats to guarantee high brand recall: text, graphical banners, video, and full screen high resolution images
of sellers confirmed that ads influence their buying behavior​
annual air bookings
of sellers have increased GDS use since 2019

Learn how to effectively market to travel agents on Global Distribution Systems

Discover the study’s findings and capitalize on actionable tips by downloading the report. Learn what are current traveler and travel agent preferences, how has GDS usage shifted in comparison to other booking channels, ways to craft the ideal GDS advertising, and much more.

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How does our service work?

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How to Reach and Target Travel Agents on GDSs

Travelers prefer working with travel sellers for seamless trip planning. Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) are their go-to for bookings. Travel brands can optimize their presence on GDSs and advertise effectively.

Learn how Amadeus helped Jazeera Airways drive flight bookings

Jazeera Airways has been an Amadeus Media Solutions customer since 2022, working closely with Amadeus to reach and connect with incremental passengers along their traveler journey, especially those searching for low-cost flight options and an enhanced passenger experience.

Your Guide to Optimizing GDS Visibility

Download this checklist to ensure your HOD is up to date in order to inspire fast, easy bookings from travel sellers that blossom into long-term relationships.

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Advertising option on Trip document

  • Interact with a global audience of confirmed travelers before initiating the trip through travel ads.
  • Trip confirmation emails and documents issued by travel agencies to confirmed travelers in 195 markets.
  • Benefit from a targeting that enables you to increase sales on ancillary services, upgrade and promote your frequent flyer programmes.

Plan and strategize with support from in-house digital advertising consultants who have expertise managing campaigns for thousands of airlines globally. We create, run, and optimize media campaigns end-to-end based on actionable data insights, and deliver measurable results.

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