How to Reach and Target Travel Agents on GDSs

To better navigate trip planning in 2023, travelers are seeking to work with travel agents – trusted advisors who can effectively make travel arrangements on behalf of their clients, regardless of current or future circumstances.

Travel agencies use Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) as their preferred booking channel, with agents reporting that their GDS usage has increased following the COVID-19 pandemic per our latest report. Additionally, booked room nights across the top GDSs are inching closer to 2019 levels, making this channel even more relevant.

Travel brands who wish to reach and target travel agents on GDSs can optimize their brand’s presence on these platforms as well as advertise across multiple formats. To learn how to do so, download our complimentary four-step actionable checklist.

For additional insights, review our latest report covering travel agency trends and preferences: How to Effectively Market to Travel Agents on Global Distribution Systems

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