Delphi Direct  

Unlock your full group revenue potential by streamlining group inquiries and shifting small event bookings online, allowing you to focus on the big wins. 

Delphi® Direct

Unlock your group revenue potential by streamlining group inquiries and shifting small event bookings online, allowing you to focus on the big wins.

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Simplify your group revenue

Streamline your RFPs

How do you focus on big wins without sweating the small stuff?

In an era marked by rapid response and the dominance of online bookings, adapting your group business for maximum efficiency is imperative.

  • 35% of global meetings are single-day events without guestrooms*
  • The volume of group inquires has increased substantially
  • Leads responded to first are 70% more likely to convert

*Sourced from Amadeus data

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Delphi® Direct

Your always-connected, always-on group sales ally

An innovative online booking platform to capture small meetings 24/7, freeing your team to focus on the big wins.

With Delphi Direct you can:

Simplify your group revenue


Simplify your processes and grow your revenue potential with an always-on, always connected group sales ally. Capture small group and event bookings directly through your website with as little as a few clicks.

  • Empower planners to book directly online through your website, with real-time availability.
  • Strategically promote underutilized function space for increased revenue online.
  • Offer convenient packages to enhance meeting space bookings.

Take charge of RFPs


Effortlessly manage RFPs for larger, more complex bookings, or when inventory and pricing are not available online. 

  • Leverage RFP functionality for planners to submit customized requests when inventory unavailable online, enabling your team to respond with tailored packages. 
  • Simplify RFP management from one platform for a streamlined approach to managing all requests. 

Gain control of your inventory

You're in the driver's seat when it comes to making rooms available for sale and setting their prices. And because change is inevitable, you have the flexibility to make real-time updates.

  • Maintain control over which function spaces are made available online
  • Easily adapt to changing demands and market dynamics by adjusting availability in real-time.
  • Ensure a consistent user experience with a seamless integration into your website

Build trustworthy connections

Prospect more effectively, streamline lead tracking and management, execute events flawlessly, and foster relationships effortlessly with a seamless integration to Amadeus’ trusted Delphi Solutions, the industry’s most trusted name.

Unlock global demand

Seamlessly integrate with MeetingBroker and elevate your meeting space visibility with meeting planners worldwide.

  • Tap into key demand channels that cater to meeting planners worldwide, ensuring your function spaces receive exposure to a diverse range of potential clients and event organizers.

Ready to grow your group business?

Discover how the combination of Delphi Direct and Delphi, the industry’s most trusted name, can help you increase your group revenue and manage your processes more effectively.

  • Grow your group business effortlessly
  • Simplify your group revenue, streamline your processes, and focus on the big wins using Delphi Direct. Get started now by filling out this form to receive more information on how your team can stop sweating the small stuff.

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