Travel Seller Media for Destinations

Travel Seller Media for Destinations

Reach travel professionals who recommend and sell trips to your destination’s future visitors.

Reach travel agents who recommend and sell trips to your destination’s future visitors

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Proprietary data & best-in-class GDS reporting tool

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Unique GDS targeting & selected premium placements

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Reach all the global ad enabled agents with one campaign

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Expand your reach on the main Global Distribution Systems

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Optimize your presence on Global Distribution Systems (GDS’), travel agents’ preferred booking channel. With Amadeus Travel Seller Media, destinations can advertise to agents during the entire booking flow ensuring they become a part of their customers’ consideration set.

Amadeus is the only supplier of multi-GDS advertising and the only paid media solution that allows travel brands to advertise across Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport. Capture greater travel agent demand by strategically targeting travel sellers who are ready to book a trip to your destination or who’ve researched your competitive set. By leveraging our leading Business Intelligence suite, drive more revenue by making informed decisions backed by proprietary forward-looking and on-the-books data.

To remain relevant and educate the industry on their offering, destinations advertise on GDSs reaching tourism professionals around the world. Destination ads may include resources that will help travel agents deepen their knowledge and stay on top of industry trends. For example, DMOs can advertise their e-learning platforms geared towards travel agents and industry experts, while providing incentives to further promote enrollment.

Destinations that partner with other key industry players, such as airports, airlines, and hotels, also trust Amadeus to reinforce the value of their partnerships and make their offerings bookable through the GDS.

Why Amadeus Travel Seller Media for Destinations?

Showcase your destination throughout the booking journey and across all three major GDSs.

Deliver targeted messaging to travel sellers at scale.

Run marketing campaigns backed by data and powered by our in-house technology.

Optimize your media investment to better reach your advertising goals.

 Access our capabilities and expertise, available only to the most important travel brands in the industry.

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More channels to leverage

Remain top-of-mind among booked travelers with Amadeus trip documents. Be present on Amadeus GDS booking confirmations to promote services that have yet to be purchased or inspire future travel.

With a 100% open rate, use advertising on Amadeus trip documents to create brand recognition and promote your local attractions.

Travel agents that use Amadeus, leverage trip documents daily to send travelers the latest news and updates about their confirmed trip.

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