Delphi® Diagramming – Event Floor Plan Software

Delphi Diagramming is an interactive, cloud-native hospitality software that helps event planners and venues collaborate throughout the booking cycle to design customized event floor plans and layouts. By providing dynamic event visualization capabilities that represent your space and your resource inventory, you can deliver an elevated experience that is faster, easier, and more accurate to ensure flawless events each and every time.

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Take Your Event Planning to the Next Level

In today’s fast-paced digital world, being able to easily visualize and understand a venue layout helps streamline the approach to creating a flawless event.

With so many events and even more moving pieces, the Delphi Diagramming solution was designed to:

  • Simplify the collaboration between your team and event planners
  • Streamline operational execution with access to the application from anywhere
  • Centralize meeting space details in one place for easy viewing by planners
  • Deliver an impressive digital experience by sharing 3D renderings with your planners

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Next-Level Event Planning with Dynamic Diagramming

Delphi Diagramming is designed to streamline operational execution. Using a visual, interactive, and collaborative event diagramming tool, venues and planners establish clear understanding of event requirements, enabling the best event execution. As a cloud-based program, you can use Delphi Diagramming on mobile, desktop or tablet devices from anywhere with internet access.

Delphi Diagramming will help you better capture and communicate customer expectations and equip you with the tools you need to deliver a personalized experience.

  • Streamline Processes with Imports & Integrations  – Automatic data syncing with Amadeus Sales & Catering – Delphi means that event information flows directly into Delphi Diagramming and event information updates in real time.
  • Space visualization – The exact specifications of your venue can be implemented from architectural CAD files and drawings of your space. If these aren’t available, we can visit your property to guarantee accuracy or you can use the provided templates.
  • Highly detailed, accurate room plans – Add tables and chairs, color coordinate items, label areas and use gridlines to provide comprehensive detail. Your resource inventory is added to represent your meeting capabilities.
  • Virtual, 3D walkthroughs – Your mockups can be transformed into 3D walkthroughs so that you and the event planner can have a 360-degree view of the function space.
  • Intuitive interface – Our hospitality software tools are industry specific and simple for anyone to use. CAD experience isn’t necessary, as there is an easy learning curve. Online Training and Help as well as instructional videos guide you every step of the way.
  • Sharing and collaboration capabilities – When you’re ready for feedback, approval or a review, your diagrams can be saved to a booking, batch print PDFs for easy sharing or printed out to share with the planner and internal teams.

With Delphi Diagramming Property Edition, you’re able to streamline your existing processes while introducing new capabilities that will help you deliver on the meeting experience and assist you in generating repeatable opportunities.

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Website Edition

The Delphi Diagramming Website Edition is our front-facing, interactive tool that helps event planners during their research and shopping phase to visualize their event in your function space. Website Edition is mobile-ready and can be integrated with your current website, so viewers are equipped with all the information and visuals they need to envision their event in your function space and then share the details with you, so you don’t miss a step.

With Delphi Diagramming Website Edition, event planners can view and explore all the essentials:

  • Accurate event floor plans – Planners can view the complete layout of your venue, including ballrooms, atriums, stacked floor plans and other room amenities.
  • Capacity charts – Display fire codes, maximum occupancies and suggested attendee numbers.
  • Local area maps – Include nearby dining, shopping, entertainment and more to give guests a complete scope of the area.
  • Imagery – Associate pictures and videos to your meeting space to allow planners to see what they can expect to experience.
  • 3D virtual walkthroughs – Give users a detailed, interactive view of their venue setup.
  • Multiple language options – Guests from around the world can explore your venue offerings by selecting the appropriate language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What devices can I use to access Delphi Diagramming?

A: Delphi Diagramming can be viewed on any internet-capable device.

Q: Do you still sell or support MeetingMatrix?

A: MeetingMatrix was officially sunset November 1, 2023, and is no longer supported. If you still have access to your MeetingMatrix files, it may be possible to get you set up on Delphi Diagramming easily. Contact us now to learn more.

Q: What if I run into problems with the software? Is support available?

A: We know that the hospitality industry runs during non-conventional hours. That’s why Amadeus Delphi Diagramming subscriptions include 24/7/365 support. You can contact our support team and speak to a live person who will be able to help you right away.

Q: Does Amadeus Delphi Diagramming Integrate with Amadeus Sales & Catering – Delphi?

A: Yes. Our integration between Amadeus Delphi Diagramming and Amadeus Sales & Catering – Delphi allows you to save time and streamline workflows by automatically pulling in data from your Sales & Catering system into your diagrams.