The best hotel operations software, built for the future of hospitality.

The best hotel operations software, built for the future of hospitality.

Improving operations is top priority for hotels

Hospitality sector is experiencing growing demand, reduced staff and evolving needs from guests.

Too many manual processes may cause guest complaints, disorganized labor, and slower service.

How can hotels prioritize and organize the work of the staff in such a demanding environment?

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Excellent behind-the-scenes execution is crucial for optimal guest satisfaction.

To ensure work is executed properly in accordance to property standards, you need to be armed with a service optimization solution that offers real-time dashboards, scheduled equipment, preventative maintenance orders, scalable inspection and more.

Set a New Service Standard with Amadeus HotSOS

Centralize guest data for efficient staff communication

Keep track of traveler's needs and preferences

Offer more thoughtful and personalized guest experiences


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HotSOS Select HotSOS HotSOS Housekeeping
Enables select service hotels to manage: Enables all hotel properties to manage: Enables all hotel properties to manage:
Automate Hotel Operations Advanced Task Automation Advanced Task Automation
Scheduled Maintenance Scheduled Maintenance Scheduled Maintenance
Reporting Mobile Access Housekeeping Automation
Inspections Inspections Mobile Access
Hotel Guest Management Room Inspections
Access to over 200+ API Integrations, including PMS Guest Management
Access to over 200+ API Integrations, including PMS

HotSOS Select

Designed specifically for select service properties – can help to maximize your team’s capabilities while they ensure new standards are met.


HotSOS centralizes hotel guest information to keep your staff in the loop about a traveler’s needs and preferences, as well as ensuring operations can run smoothly at the click of a button.

HotSOS Housekeeping

Automate your daily housekeeping operations with cloud-native software that can easily integrate into a variety of PMS solutions.

How to Elevate Guest Satisfaction with Scaled-Down Operations

Hotels around the world are evaluating how to scale-up guest satisfaction in a scaled-down world of operations and labor shortages.

Yet the reality is, as demand grows, so does the need to improve operational efficiencies.

In our new guide, Using Data to Shape Hotel Operations, you’ll access:

  • Key hospitality market insights and trends
  • Best practices to make thoughtful, informed decisions
  • Tips on how to deal with implications for labor shortages
  • Steps to follow to build successful operations plan

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