iHotelier® Suite

One Suite, Endless Possibilities:
Tailored for Every Hotel

iHotelier® Suite

Maximize Revenue, Minimize Effort: Transform Your Hotel’s Profitability

iHotelier® Suite

Enhance Guest Experiences: Where Every Stay Becomes Unforgettable


iHotelier® Suite

Want to drive more direct bookings? Dominate Google’s first page? Perhaps it’s loyalty you’re after. Or gaining the visibility needed to succeed in today’s crowded online marketplace.

Introducing the industry’s newest and most powerful build-your-own set of capabilities that allows you to address your most pressing challenges, while focusing on your grandest goals of tomorrow.


Innovation made simple for hotels

Our cutting-edge technology offers hoteliers modular, scalable solutions to increase hotel visibility and distribution reach, drive conversion, and optimize revenue potential.

iHotelier Suite empowers hoteliers not only to meet but exceed guest expectations, setting a new standard for excellence in hospitality.


your hotel transformation

With our new flexible and modular solution, embrace the freedom to stand out in today's competitive marketplace.


your competition

Create more personalized experiences that increase revenue and guest satisfaction, while delivering a seamless experience throughout the booking journey.


your revenue

Diversify your offerings, while providing personalized experiences for each guest. Achieve all these through a single, efficient system designed to boost hotel profitability.

Ready to Transform Your Hotel?

Step into a world of personalized experiences, increased revenue, and seamless booking journeys.

It's time for your hotel to shine in the modern hospitality landscape.

  • Connect with more than 400 global, regional, and specialty OTAs, Wholesalers and Tour Operators.

  • Maximize your visibility of availability and rates in more than 350,000 travel agencies worldwide.

  • Broaden the reach of your distribution network and maximize direct bookings from metasearch sites.

  • Deliver impactful messaging to qualified audiences across paid search, display, and social media.

  • Expand your online presence and drive direct bookings with award-winning hotel website solutions.

  • Have professional agents serve as your extension selling your hotel's unique features.

  • Maintain a positive two-way communication with your guests in an ongoing manner to ensure long-lasting relations.

  • Build guest loyalty, drive repeat business and edge out your competitors.

Build your own customizable suite of solutions

Start with iHotelier and select the components that align with your hotel's needs and aspirations.

✓ Enhance Distribution

Boost your hotel's reach effortlessly on various channels and manage your online presence across a broad network.

✓ Increase Booking and Conversion

From initial interest to final confirmation, ensure every step is clear and efficient, leading to increased bookings.

✓ Drive Revenue Growth

Maximize the revenue from each guest stay. Use smart pricing and upselling strategies to increase the profitability of every booking.

✓ Foster Guest Loyalty

Cultivate loyalty with bespoke rewards and experiences to encourage repeat visits and build loyalty.


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*Note: Exclusive to new iHotelier customers only. This offer is applied as a 25% discount on the first year of a 36-month contractual agreement.
Terms and conditions apply.

Customers that trust us


Leading the Way in Hospitality Solution

Effective Marketing


Implement targeted marketing strategies that resonate with diverse audiences driving both traffic and bookings thanks to personalized guest journeys.

Personalized Campaigns: Tailor marketing efforts to match guest profiles for higher engagement and conversion.

Diverse Audience Reach: Craft strategies that appeal across demographics, enhancing reach and impact.

Seamless Guest Journeys: Create smooth transitions from marketing touchpoints to booking, enhancing user experience.

Insightful Analytics


Utilize data insights to make informed decisions, tailor guest experiences, and optimize pricing strategies. 

Data-Driven Decisions: Utilize comprehensive analytics for smarter operational, revenue and marketing choices.

Customized Guest Experience: Analyze guest data to provide tailored services and offers.

Performance Tracking: Monitor key metrics to continually refine strategies and improve outcomes.


Unified Integration


Enhance the guest journey at every step, delivering the right offer to the right guest at the right time – no matter where they’re shopping.

Streamlined Operations: Reduce administrative workload and increase operational efficiency.

Consistent User Experience: Provide a uniform experience across all hotel services for staff and guests.

Integrated Systems: Seamlessly connect with other hotel technologies for a cohesive operational flow.

Maximize Profits


Streamline workflow and reduce costs with one integrated solution and intelligent insights across the conversion path

Boost Direct Bookings: Encourage more guests to book directly through your website, reducing OTA commissions. 

Optimize Revenue Channels: Strategically manage distribution to maximize revenue from each channel. 

Upselling Opportunities: Identify and capitalize on upselling and cross-selling moments. 

Reliable Support

She loves looking for solutions to customers problems


Centralized content and data portal and world class support team make running your business easy and efficient.

24/7 Expert Assistance: Access round-the-clock support from industry professionals. 

Continuous Training: Stay updated with ongoing training and resources for staff. 

Quick Issue Resolution: Benefit from a responsive support team for swift problem-solving. 

increase in unique package bookings
increase in direct booking conversions


Magnolia Hotel Increased Direct Bookings with iHotelier®

“You know you have the right partner when you see revenues increase!”
Andrea Trigo
Revenue Manager
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And you, are you ready to increase your hotel direct bookings and revenue?


Get our `Mastering the Art of Direct Booking´ guide for Free today!

In this guide, we cover :

✓ The importance of direct bookings for hotels worldwide
✓ Tips to optimize your website and booking engine
✓ Strategies to increase direct bookings and reduce reliance on OTAs and third parties
✓ Proven tactics for boosting OCC, ADR and overall revenue
✓ Best practices for creating a loyal customer base


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